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I just got up from the most delicious nap. Cuddled in with roho and Cailet, I dozed for about 15 minutes before waking up and getting out of bed. Truly divine.

Work was slow enough that I got a ton of paperwork off my desk (still have a stack 2 inches thick left to do, but it can wait), and I got to pretty much putz around for most of the day. I drooled over some very nice furniture, and started developing a design plan for our new home when we finally find it. I've also done some apartment hunting in the Boston area, and found an apartment that looks suspiciously like skorzy and sushimare's. Silly me didn't think to check the address to see if it's the same complex.

I talked to my dad last night to see if he got his birthday package (a book on the birds of Maine that I had bought for his Christmas and never sent- he's an avid birder), and while he hadn't, we actually chatted for about 15 minutes. This is unusual since my father is usually a Hi, you're doing okay? Don't need money? Okay I love you bye now! kinda guy. Chatty, he is not. But my mother wasn't home, and I guess he felt a little lonely, so.. it was nice. Evidently, 27 years ago yesterday, he met my mother for the first time. Terrifying that their wedding anniversary is October 31st. Anyway- I made the comment that we are hoping to move late next summer, and Dad asked if I thought we'd still be together then. I didn't even think about it.. I just said "Yeah, we're going to get married." There was a long pause... then, "Does he know?" For some reason, this struck me as extremely funny. I am comforted and happy to know though that both my parents welcome Bren into our family with welcome arms, and when we do decide to take that step (yes, it's a matter of when, not if) that they will make him feel as welcome as his folks did me.

Anyway. Now that AFA's website has been updated, I'm off to gnaw on nummy steak at the Continental with my beloved. =)


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