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Today was actually.. somewhat sane. I'm amazed. I'm hoping tomorrow is similar, god knows I can use the break.

Not much to update with, I'm afraid. I've organized all the MFF Artshow information to be packaged off to the new Director. I think quite a few people are waiting to see what happens before they commit themselves to the artshow this year, and I really can't say that I blame them. I feel horrible for stepping out at the last minute, but.. *sigh* Gotta do what you gotta do, and consequences be damned.

I woke up this morning to a hateful email. I'm glad the drama is over. I realized yesterday that I lashed out unnecessarily, but the email this morning... bleh. It's over.

It was a good day. I finally got some good snapshots of my face, one will likely end up a LJ icon.

and the boys are home after playing on the water, so off for foood!
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