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We got the email today congratulating 3 people on being promoted into the Project Manager team (mucho money in that, so good for them). More people are being promoted to take their places as Team Leads. Still more people are quitting for various reasons (One's going to cosmetology school, one's moving out of state, another is quitting for reasons unknown).

If anyone in the northern Chicago suburbs needs a job, now is the time to apply for work at my company.

In the meantime, we're working horribly understaffed with a few new folks being tossed in to sink or swim. Fortunately the new guy on my team, DH, seems to be picking up the swing of things rather quickly. At least, none of his mistakes have landed on my desk to clean up. (unlike AP, whose been here nearly as long as me. grr.)

So, yeah. I'm single handedly running a helpdesk for 3 large nationwide clients. I'm honestly not sure how I'm keeping all these balls in the air without dropping something. I'm sure though that this will be a nice large positive reflection on my review (along with the fact that I'm working a lot of overtime), so hopefully next spring I can get a nice fat raise.

In the meantime, I'm daydreaming of white gowns and new homes; and stashing all the money I can into savings for the two major expenses I see looming on the horizon.

Perhaps I'll find some more time to draw today.

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