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Today has been.. a day. Yesterday was great. I relaxed, got some much needed housework done, and feren's parents are really neat. His dad reminds me a lot of my own, and his mother is really interesting to talk to. I can see alot of the same mannerisms between Fer and his father, and it was fun to see him so happy to be with them.

We went to the Continental for dinner last night, all piled into Fer's new truck. Even with running boards, I had trouble getting into the thing. Many jokes about stepstools flew over my head. Literally. Damn my genes that made me short!

When we got home, Bren and I eased away to our respective "offices" to give Fer some time to socialize and have quiet time with his folks. It was a good day, and a good evening.

Last night, I awakened around 2:00 AM with a dull ache in my lower abdomen. Fully familiar with this phenomenon, I got up and took 2 naproxen and a shot of benedryl. 3 hours later... I finally fell back asleep. I woke up with a headache to go with the steady pressure pain in my stomach, groggy and irritable. While at work, my mood hasn't had much to make it more sunny.

Our company has a "secure" instant message client that they use to allow everyone to chat back and forth without having to call or email each other. One of my coworkers (and he is a cow-orker for sure) seems to think that because it's available, everyone should use it. Every few weeks I get a petulant whiny little email demanding that I remember to log in. I'm not sure why it pisses me off so much... perhaps because I know this particular person is utterly incompetent and hasn't got the first shred of common sense, or perhaps I resent him giving me orders he has no authority to give. Whatever the reason, it irks me. Greatly. To the point where I'm going to go to my boss about it.

I meant to email our HR department today for info on our tuition reimbursal program. I'd been poking around at DeVry's online education programs and was thinking about submitting an application for this fall semester. A look at the pricetag per credit hour made me wince... so.. I'm undecided. We're trying to save money; and I'm thinking it may just be better to wait, even if it means I miss out on getting reimbursed.

My boss has requested that I work early 3 days this week. I'm wondering if she still expects me to work til 5, thus effectively earning 4.5 hours overtime this week. I almost hope she does, since I can use the money. But still, that would be a long long day.

We're supposed to roadtrip to Madison this weekend to see friends... going to get a hotel room and crash. I'm hoping no one really wants to make a late night of it.. I anticipate wanting my bed at a decent hour Saturday night.

Guess we'll see.

Oh- and shadowstalkerw, I have a gift for you. =)

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