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Good Grief, I've been busy today!

I went shopping this morning, because I needed clothes. Well, I needed one specific article of clothing, and decided I could use a bit more by way of summery office clothing. I went to Wal-Mart, figuring I probably won't be wearing a lot of this stuff next year, so I wanted all the bang for my buck I could get.

I normally hate shopping. Especially for clothes. ESPECIALLY at Wal-Mart. I went as early as possible and arrived around 8:30 AM, hoping to beat the usual gap-toothed rude rednecks that always seem to clog the isles. This morning, I was actually in luck! I found several clearance sales (that were unfortunately rather well-picked over), and did indeed get a lot for my money. I was rather irritated and discomfited that in the 'Women's' section of the clothing department (for us full figured ladies), the majority of sizes present were 10 and under. Where the hell is MY stuff? Over in the Misses department? Annyway. After selecting a few things, I decided more clothing would have to wait until I have a bit more money and went to get the..ah.. article I needed. I was surprised that while they were rather skimpy on the selection for street clothes, the intimates was fully stocked with a variety of sizes and styles, and I found something that suited my needs. (And tried it on when I got home- underwires are NOT supposed to be this comfortable! I'm in love!)

I also swung by the shoe department because the leather loafers I paid $40 for a year ago are quite literally falling apart. I guess this is another reason I decided to go to Wal-Mart rather than a department store. If the stuff falls to pieces, I'm out $20 at most. I found a new pair of loafers, some clogs, and a pair of sandals that begged to be brought home. While I really hate living up to the stereotype that women own tons of shoes, I am finding it VERY fun to wear nice clothing and shoes.

I went $20 over the budget I set for myself, but.. I overall came out with a really nice haul that should last me for a while.

Yesterday we wandered around Sams looking for things the guys weren't able to pick up on Saturday. I did an impulse buy, which surprised the hell out of me- I picked up LoneStar - From here to there. Country music used to be one of my greatest loves, but it's been set back on the shelf for a long time. And I haven't bought a new cd in.. 5 years? So.. it was a treat. And the cd is great. :>

We also saw this.. utterly delicious bedroom set while wandering about the club. It was dark heavy wood (cherry?), a sleigh bed, and... it will be mine. I had thought that Roho preferred light woods such as pine, but he assured me that he enjoys dark as well. This has led to all sorts of wonderful decorating ideas for when we buy our own home.

All in all, it was a pleasant weekend despite me having to work on Saturday. I've really grown attached to having Feren around, and have remarked to him more than once that he is the brother I've never had. I really treasure his friendship (and the opportunity to make him blush!), and will really miss him when we do leave the area.

The more I ponder us moving to Massachusetts, the more excited I get about it. Roho asked me the other day if I really wanted to move, or if I was just going because he wanted to. I couldn't really express how or why I want this so much... Just that yes, I want to be where he is, and yes, I want to be on the East coast. My mother says it's my genes (My grandfather reputedly had VERY itchy feet).

I guess part of the reason I'm so excited is... well.. I have friends in Boston. Lots of friends. FEMALE friends. I've felt really rather isolated ever since I left Shreveport because I haven't had any girlfriends I could just.. hang out with and talk girltalk. I love Bren's cousin Lori to death, but.. she's one of the guys. Almost literally. ;) So.. yeah. I'm looking forward to seeing sushimare and spunkywulf on a regular basis.

The only place I think I'd be happier is Columbia, SC. But that place holds some painful memories, and I don't think the town is big enough that I wouldn't run into Mike's family sooner or later.

Anyway.. enough of that. I'm putzing about with my website today and putting off drawing a logo for it. Yay procrastination!

Perhaps I'll write more later.

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