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I ate (and drank) waaaaaaaaaaay too much yesterday.

Everyone at the 4th party was amused that I was drunk. whee.

Good food, good company, good fun. Fireworks were lit, although debris kept falling on us... much chocolate was imbibed (although without kidlet fingers going through the cake, which was a bonus!), and much alcohol was drank.

I sampled liberally of the delights of a 'Floating Away'.. 1/2 glass root beer, 1/4 glass vanilla vodka, 1/4 glass bailey's irish cream

tasted much like a B52, but more... rootbeerish. The girl that made it referred to a root beer float. I dunno. It was tasty. :9

Going to the renfaire today with my ex-coworker Rob. He has promised to regale me with stories of how the department is doing without me. I look forward to this.

all in all... good start to my weekend. =)

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