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Mmm. Fridays are my 2nd favorite day of the week. (My favorite being Sundays, usually, since that's my "Saturday".)

This entire week, work has been an utter madhouse, and yesterday seemed that much worse. I happened to run into my ex husband, Mike, online Thursday night, and Friday, my emotions were raw and bleeding all over the place. I was an utter wreck, sobbing on shoulders whereever I could find them. (And making several trips to the ladies room so I could regain composure in relative peace)

I ended up spending an hour on the phone with my Mom for what we've jokingly dubbed 'Mommy Therapy'. She was surprisingly sensitive, and asked if I needed her to come up. I was tempted. But considering the state of their finances, forcing my mother to buy a plane ticket and travel the 1000+ miles (with her poor health, to boot) just because I needed a hug seemed rather selfish.

We scooped up Feren once he got home and made our way over to Bumpers; our usual Friday haunt. After a game or three of pool (The 8 ball was sunk twice, giving me and Jason each a default win), we went to pay our respects to James, the bartender. We were surprised and dismayed to hear that it was his last night- he is evidently moving to the Onion Pub & Brewery (... whose website is occupied by a domain squatter. Classy.). Anyhoo- This is supposed to be an authentic english pub, with a real wood bar (polished copper bar-top) and it's a big step up for James; not to mention it's 5 minutes from his house. (Have I mentioned that we adore this guy?)

So, our Friday night tradition will likely be changed to drinking and dinner in Barrington Lakes, then perhaps Sunday nights at Bumpers for pool. We bought James a drink as a goodbye; Bren had a Satan's Whiskers (cool story to be told later!), Jason had a Dirty Bird, and I had a Black Russian. James had a Red Headed Slut, which was a drink I'd never heard of before. It looked disgusting, but he seemed to like them, as he'd had a shot of it before we bought a round with his soon-to-be-ex coworkers.

It was a bittersweet evening. The pool was rather mediocre (to sucky, when Bren and I played each other. Yay for moving balls around and not getting anywhere!!! There's a dirty joke in there, but I'm not going to take the obvious pot shot.) but the company was most excellent.

We wound down the evening as the band began to perform- their lead had a VERY strong voice and did a most excellent Sheryl Crow ('I'm the only one') and then started in on Fiona Apple as we were leaving.

Dinner was the Continental; Fer and I had steaks smothered with cheese and onions (MMMmmMMmm. :9) and mine was done *just* the way I love it. Carbonized on the outside and still juicy on the inside. They were very generous with the cheese and onions and it was just.. mmm. Very tasty.

We came home and weren't quite ready to wind down, despite the late hour, so we sat outside on the patio and smoked for a little bit. My lungs have been bothering me, so I've really tried to cut back on the cigarettes on Friday nights (I smoke once a week; usually at the bar)... but 2 seemed the magic number for a nice buzz and no phlegmy breathing. The night was balmy; a little humid, but nice and cool, and it was extremely dark- to the point we were able to see the stars.

We discussed a bit getting a wireless network set up in the apartment; an idle discussion that I think will become reality. While I love our little Macintosh laptops, they aren't good for anything beyond mucking and checking email on shell accounts. Jason and Bren both indicated that they get discounts with Dell and Gateway, and offered to let me pick out what I wanted, give them the money, and they would order it.

Since I was bored at work today, I went through and customized systems from both companies to see which would give me what I wanted for the best price. Gateway won. Hands down. For under $1700 I will have a laptop that will only be slightly less powerful than my VERY nice desktop system. I'll be able to do art, gaming, email, web browsing, anything I please... and I am quite excited. =)

Hoping to have the order in by the end of August, but we'll see.

As I mentioned before, I have been indulging a lot in other interests of late. To the point where I'm considering creating a new journal for ramblings about those activities. I've thought alot about starting to write again; I had a rather involved online Roleplay background for one of my EverQuest characters a few years back, and it might be fun to flesh that out. It would be interesting, too, to see who, if anyone, read the journal.

We'll see.

I'm tired but happy. Life hasn't been easy lately; there have been a lot of things that have really gotten under my skin. It's hard to remember to let people do as they will; Karma (or whatever you want to call it) will make sure that they get what they so richly deserve.

Thank you to everyone that replied to my last entry. It really warms me when I see folks that I like and respect comment.

Oh- and before I forget.

Lanakila- I haven't forgotten your art. Energy has been at a very low ebb lately. Do you have any good reference pictures of eagles you can send me links to for the Lanakila in the commission? (Yes, I know this is like asking if you breathe. ;) )

(This is why I'm not taking commissions right now. It'd take me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long to finish them.)

I do have art though that I think I shall scan when I get home.

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