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Time for an update.

Work has been exceedingly stressful of late, as we have one woman that had to take sudden maternity leave (she was due at the end of July and the baby decided to come early), so we had to shuffle people around to cover the overnight shift for the next 6 weeks. About a week after CE left, another expectant mother was unexpectedly put on bedrest until her child is born.

With two people out, and two more recently promoted to management, we're spread out really thin. Add to that, we have AP that can't follow the most simple instructions (Telecom degree notwithstanding), and we have a surefire recipe for mind numbing stress.

In a fit of stupidity, I agreed to work on Sundays in addition to my full workweek for the next 6 weeks. This will mean lovely overtime, but also adds to exhaustion and stress levels. Oh well.. At least I can pay my bills, right?

I was struck by someone on my friends list mentioning that they had lost a friend. Lost as in, that person decided she wasn't worth their time anymore. I found this interesting, as it is a subject I myself have been pondering over the past few days. I too have lost a friend. And I'm not angry so much at the loss of him as MY friend; after all, I've known him for little more than a year. But there are others whose friendships he's tossed away like so much garbage as well, and I am saddened. I wonder what will happen when there is no one left? I suppose he will find new friends. In with the old, in with the new... and no more of that pesky honesty shit. I mean, people that love you lie to you, right? Right.

I find myself increasingly unenthused about things fandom related. Well, the furry fandom, at least. There are other things that have recaptured my interest, and I've spent more time endulging in them. When I think about it.. there's only a bare handful of people I really care about keeping in contact with that are "furs", and of those, I can't think of many that consider themselves such. Furry for them is merely a convenient method for keeping in touch with the people they care about. This is extended to cons as well- I'm glad to be missing Anthrocon, and wouldn't bother going to MFF if I didn't have obligations that must be filled. I think my entire household has decided that this will be our last year as staff for Midwest Furfest... something I'm not unhappy about.

All in all, life is decent. Personal things are going better; The medications the doc gave me at the beginning of the month have helped. I had some trouble dealing with stress yesterday, but today went better. I'm nearly out of debt, and then can start socking money into savings.

We're making plans to do Renfaire and Summerfest with Bren's Cousin/Aunt Lori, which is always fun. I am taking a 4 day weekend for the 4th of July.

I may trim my journal a little. There are some folks I don't really know. I tend to not post locked entries too often though, so it's all good either way.

I'm still hoping the move to Boston will happen, but as time goes on, I'm thinking it probably won't be next year like we'd hoped.

More later, I guess.

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