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Tonight has been quite the relaxing evening.

After the shitty weeks we've both had, Feren and I went over to bumpers to just... unwind while Roho was at a going away party for a (now ex) coworker.

The entire encounter was way too fun, even moreso after Roho joined us. We had yummy drinks (Mmm. Satan's Whiskers. Purr.) and good company.

It was a Friday night well spent.

I'm struck by how... fate, God, random chance, whatever- has moved the people in my life around so that when I really need them the most, the people I can really count on are there. I got a random email today from someone expressing some concern... and said she'd missed talking to me.. and.. it's not that I feel like this person is too busy for her friends, but.. I felt that she had enough going on in her own life that I was.. both surprised and touched that she took a moment in her day to think about me and drop me a note.

Life doesn't always kick when I'm down. Sometimes it sends a little angel to give me a (virtual) hug.

Thank you.. to all my friends. I love you all very much.



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