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May. 30th, 2003

Tonight has been quite the relaxing evening.

After the shitty weeks we've both had, Feren and I went over to bumpers to just... unwind while Roho was at a going away party for a (now ex) coworker.

The entire encounter was way too fun, even moreso after Roho joined us. We had yummy drinks (Mmm. Satan's Whiskers. Purr.) and good company.

It was a Friday night well spent.

I'm struck by how... fate, God, random chance, whatever- has moved the people in my life around so that when I really need them the most, the people I can really count on are there. I got a random email today from someone expressing some concern... and said she'd missed talking to me.. and.. it's not that I feel like this person is too busy for her friends, but.. I felt that she had enough going on in her own life that I was.. both surprised and touched that she took a moment in her day to think about me and drop me a note.

Life doesn't always kick when I'm down. Sometimes it sends a little angel to give me a (virtual) hug.

Thank you.. to all my friends. I love you all very much.




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Jun. 3rd, 2003 07:24 am (UTC)
You're missed, all right....it's just that with this funky internet connection and all the computer upgrades I haven't been able to maintain communications with friends.

Nice to see you posting and nice to see you happy. I miss Roho's posts; he used to give me a lot of food for thought. That's what happens when you get a (real) life; the computer suddenly takes a back seat.

There are kestrals on my property but no fennecs (one foxy, though, with whom I'm having an argument over the right to bury cable...it digs it up as fast as I bury).
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