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As many know, the creator of the Atkins diet, Dr Robert C Atkins passed away yesterday.

I've seen and heard many comments, and to be honest, the majority infuriate me.

Let's take a moment to put aside spite and jealousy for a moment and look at this rationally. It's hard for some, I know, but just humor me.

Say you are an 83 year old person, and you slip and hit your head on an icy sidewalk. Does it not stand to reason there might be internal bleeding in your brain? Yes, that seems quite logical. Does it *also* not stand to reason that after some time, that blood might begin to clot, despite anticoagulents that the ER might administer? Why yes, that's quite plausible too.


The Atkins diet does not work for everyone. There is no "One Size Fits All' diet, and Dr Atkins was quite clear that this was not a cureall to obesity. Everyone's metabolisms and body chemistry is different, and just because it didn't work for YOU because you either had biological issues, or because you didn't have the damned will power to follow the diet like you should, that doesn't give you ANY right to belittle him.

It pisses me off that a man lost his LIFE and people are saying 'Maybe he wouldn't have had a stroke if he hadn't been on that diet'. People. an 83-YEAR-OLD MAN hit his HEAD and DIED. How petty do you have to be to piss on his grave like that?

Well. I guess I answered my own question there.

I'm sorry for the language folks. I just heard muttering among my coworkers all day yesterday at work, then saw more comments online. I have to say that small minded people that feel they must belittle things that didn't work for them, or that they disagree with really rub me the wrong way.


Apr. 18th, 2003 06:19 am (UTC)
None of it was muscle, and I kept the weight off!

I've noticed a common trend among those who say, "Well, the problem with Atkins is that yeah, it'll take the weight off, but it comes right back!" None of them tried to change their diets from before they started losing weight! It's a simple equilibrium problem. If you should weigh 150, and your body equilibrates at 180, going back to 150 isn't gonna help if you keep your diet the same. You'll just re-equilibrate at 180 again.

As for Atkins, amen to giving the man some peace. I find myself wondering if he'd lived to be 105, and died peacefully of old age, whether there'd be people likewise crowing, "See?! His diet is DEADLY!"

I probably don't even need to ask.

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