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Today.. wasn't as good.

Work itself was fine, but... emotionally, I'm not doing so hot. Work was busy today. The phones were fairly quiet (Although I'm not taking calls yet), but the dispatched tickets were coming fairly heavy. This kept me hopping. I'm beginning to seriously dislike one of the Eckerd corporate folks- I called a site to check on something, discovered a problem, and before I could even start my report and begin to resolve it, Art had called and was telling me how to do my job. It's becoming irritating.

Other than that, work is going okay.

I.. had a bit of a bad day wih the diet. I fell again. I told Bren about it, and.. I just don't know what's going to happen now. I am so totally frustrated with Atkins... and I don't want to keep finding excuses on why I'm not sticking with the diet and losing weight.

There's a lot of angst and depression wrapped up in my head right now that I don't really want to spew here... so.. I'm going to close this here.

G'nite folks.


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Apr. 7th, 2003 08:55 am (UTC)

Is there something else you can find, diet-wise, that you feel less pressured by? Something you feel like you can stick to that isn't quite so drastic if you fall off for a day?

One of my goldfish is doing the Atkins thing with her boyfriend and she's frustrated because even when she's doing it right, and not falling off, she's not losing weight and he is (quite a noticable bit).

Being frustrated with one's diet isn't very conducive to keeping on it. Y'know?

*more hugs*
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