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Putting this behind a cut because it's rambly and makes no sense whatsoever in spots.

Kind of a.. flow of thought deal.

Day two went a bit... different. Shortly after arriving at work, I was told I'd be put on my own doing something that was a bit more complicated than I would expect for someone that's only been there two days.

When I tried to log into my email, we discovered that Lotus Notes didn't know where my id file was, so it took 2 hours to update the program and fix it so that it saw the proper ids. I did discover that I can access furrymuck; but I'm severely restricted on web access- Livejournal was a restricted site. Sooo.. I'm just not going to play online from work. :P
I honestly think the job will keep me busy enough that I won't miss having the internet; if there's anything in particular I absolutely must read, I'll get it through my sidekick. (Speaking of which, our IT guys really were impressed with it. ;))

Not much to say, I guess. Today was busy enough to keep me occupied, which was good... although I was starving by the time they let me loose for lunch... It was.. rough sticking with the diet today; We have several vending machines in the building, and they have all sorts of goodies in them that tempted me today. I was good and just scarfed my sandwich (piemento and cheese) and the little beef franks I had brought... and
slurped down a diet coke. I was overjoyed to discover that the Welsh vending machine contained more than juice and had the two soda loves of my life; diet coke and diet dr pepper.. Ahh. heaven.

Last night when I got home, we flopped onto the couch to watch Simpsons; an indulgence I haven't had in... a long time; except when I'd call in sick, or request time off for one reason or another. After the brain candy, I prodded Bren because I was hungry. I really had my tastebuds set on one of the Continental's nummy skirt steaks (smothered with grilled
onions, tabasco ,and mozerella cheese. numnum *DROOL*), but appetite and budget suggested that I go for something lighter, so we braved Arlington Heights and the traffic on Rand Rd and hit Chipotle. Feren had noshed when he got home, and thus declined to indulge in low-carb mexican goodness, but MAN did that hit the spot. I thank whomever introduced Roho to that chain wholeheartedly. :)

After dinner, Roho helped me go through my tax and insurance paperwork, making sure I selected all the options I had intended to, helping me decide where to invest my 401k... all the fun things of starting a new job. Whie we did that, we had Food Network going on in the background, which was fun. I really enjoy some of the shows on the channel (besides Iron Chef, although the King of the Iron Chefs competition this weekend
looks tres cool!!), like Unwrapped- While most of the things they show don't really interest me, it's still neat to watch. :)

We crashed shortly after the 10PM Simpsons. I didn't sleep very well, but then again, I haven't been sleeping overly well the past few days... The damned temperature fluctuates so much that I wake up either sweltering or freezing.. Grr.

But.. yah. Today was good. I was envious of Bren's report that he had his lunch out on the Golf Course (a restraunt near Abbott) on their outdoor patio.. it was evidently quite the gorgeous day to be outside. It was still really pretty when I emerged from the office this afternoon, although my irritation at the traffic on Deerfield and Buffalo Grove roads made it difficult to enjoy the day. I think tomorrow, I'm going to try
zipping north to hit Atapakisic, then scoot west to hit Buffalo Grove, thus avoiding the horrible snarl that is Deerfield Pkwy. (Yes, I am planning alternative routes for a 4 mile 10 minute commute. Bite me. ;)) I was quite surprised yesterday to find that my office is a mere hop, skip and jump from the Regal IMAX Theatre we always patronize when we go to see a first run movie. (Thusly, I could in theory scoot further east, then
south and hit Lake Cook or Dundee; but I think that either of those roads at 5pm on a weekday would bring nothing but pain.)

So yes. Today was uneventful. I came home and watched Simpsons again with Feren.. making some dinner after Bren got home. (Dinner was roasted red pepper stuffed with pepperoni, mozerella, and tabasco. VERY tasty!) We settled down to watch television while we ate- catching the first bit of Conspiracy Theory (which was part of my haul from the going out of
business sale at Music Warehouse.. the other was the collector's edition of Beauty and the Beast. prrr!) After which we put in Road to Perdition... which I'm watching now. :) I think I will probably watch it again; I'm missig a lot of nuance I'm sure between cuddling on Bren and writing this entry. That's okay though. Bren and I have been through some rough spots of late, and it's really good to be able to relax around each other and just enjoy each others' company.

Yesterday, when I got home, I found two pink roses on my desk.

That was the first time he's ever sent me flowers.

I just want to tell him how much I love him... and that there's no force in this world that would make me stop.


I love you Bren.

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