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Well, my first day at my new job is over. To be honest, I keep pinching myself to make sure that this hasn't been a bad dream.

I found out that it was really a good thing that I wasn't hired in November, as the billing department was totally revamped, and most of the employees therein were laid off or reshuffled into other departments in January. So.. it really was a good thing that I was stuck with ARC for those extra months. It turned out that their billing people were looking at invoices and not knowing what the hell CS was doing, so they decided to close the billing department and make CS do the invoicing.

This is good; it'll give me a lot more rounded experience to put on my resume, and it'll make the job that much more interesting, I think.

I really like the two managers I'll be working under. MaryAnne used to be the head of the billing department, and was moved into the Customer Service section during the revamp.

Soo.. anyway. We had nothing but orientation and sitting and listening on the floor today, but.. it was really enlightening what I saw about the company. They really REALLY seem to care about the employee's quality of life. The benefits are quite good; I think I've gone over them before, so won't repeat. I was impressed that they give you your birthday off as an extra day of PTO. Today, they took me and the other new hire out to Champs for lunch. Granted, the conversation was difficult to hear due to the noise (damned sportsbars) but, it was fun. Evidently, the owner/CEO of the company takes all the employees out for lunch once a year in small groups; going alphabetically by name.

I also found out that PTO begins accruing after 30 days (not 6 months) although I won't be able to take any until after 90 days. This makes me a happy kitty. :)

I found out that I am not actually on salary, which is good; since it seems there's OT available for the taking right now, and OT at my new salary will be quite nice indeed. The work itself seems really cool, and I came to the realization that even if I have to work overnight (they have people working double shifts right now), it'll be nice and slow, and I will have time to sit around and muck and such. ;) Or at least, that's the hope.

Soo.. yeah. I like my new job, thusfar. :)

More later!


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