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Realized the other day that it's been forever since I did a real update.. but so much has happened that I think it'll have to be posted in a digest sort of format.

Last weekend, we had guests. Lots of guests. points fly in Friday night and was gonna stay til Monday, ostensibly with the intention of helping feren move his belongings from neowolf2's basement, but we had all decided that the only moving Points would do would be between the couch and the fridge. We wanted him to have a relaxing weekend, and we were determined he'd get it!

Friday night, as Fer said, we did Bumpers. I have to say; I was quite impressed by the dragon's billiards talents. The guys rallied nicely and made a good showing of themselves, and it was fun to watch. We went to the Continental diner across the street for dinner, as both Points and myself were hungry. As detailed in Fer's journal, he was outrageous and had our waitress in stitches. :) It was fun.

After, we came home, set him up with a nest on the futon in the livingroom, and crashed.

Saturday, we awoke to the news that aureth had a sick computer in his household and would be bringing it up for us to poke at. (And incidentally join us for lunch at BD's) The cornwuff arrived around 12:30, at which time we all hustled out the door to eat. They seated us up in the bar, which I didn't particularly care for- the building isn't designed very well for cold weather; so if you're seated by the doors, you get very cold drafts. The food, however, was tasty as usual. :) Afterwards, Fer and Aureth headed home while Bren and I drug Points to GNC to look for Atkins supplies. After picking up some bread and some chocolate treats for me, we stopped at Starbucks so Points could get the most.. deadly looking frappacino I've ever seen.

Came home to poke at various computers, then play games on the PS2. I am not the geek the others are, and I figured a 5th brain was kind of like a 5th wheel, rather extraneous, so I retreated into our room to curl up with my computer to make things go boom my own way; to play EverQuest that is. :) Somewhere in there, I took a nap, too..

Aureth stayed a good bit of the evening, as hightensile and kristenq were supposed to pop in for dinner. We got the call that Kat was feeling under the weather, so we zipped back over to the continental for dinner. We spied our waitress from the night before, and Fer being the charming caring guy he is, requested her again. The look on her face when she saw us was priceless; disbelief, half laughter, half shock... I know she enjoyed having us because we're not very demanding (keep our drinks filled, and we're happy as far as the actual waitressing goes) and we tip well. But she played it up, and we all played along. It was fun. :)

After dinner, we had discussed going bowling with ngeran, but Roho was looking rather green (He was struck with a nasty stomach bug Thursday night), and we were all concerned that he was going to pass out, so we skipped and headed home. Aureth headed home, and the remaining 4 trekked back to the house. I don't remember what we did that evening. Watched movies and chatted online on various laptops (we had 4 in the house) while Points got our gimpy little Powerbook working.

Sunday morning, we awoke to the various angry noises of Feren's pager going off, and weren't surprised to see when we finally drug ourselves out of bed that he had been called out to fix something. Poor panther.

We received news that Kat was feeling better, and that she and Kit would be coming down for lunch, which made us happy, as we don't see nearly enough of either of them. (We really need to return the favor and head up to Madison) We introduced them to the joy that is BD's for lunch, then all of us came home and flopped. GTA Vice City was enjoyed (and I do mean enjoyed- Kit was a disaster looking for a place to happen in the game), and they headed out around 6ish so Kat could get a decent night's rest before she started her new job. I was sorry to see them go.

We watched Iron Chef, then various and sundry other things while Points and I cooked dinner- a savory sirloin-tip stew that I heard about from skorzy and sushimare. It didn't turn out quite as well as when Dalia made it for us over the Christmas holidays; I think I used too much tarragon, but it was quickly inhaled, so I think the guys liked it. :)

Afterwards, Points invaded the kitchen to make dessert, striving to come up with something Atkins friendly that Fer and I could eat. He concocted almond butter cookies that were extremely good- a little salty because the nuts and bake mix he used have salt in them, but good. (They were gone by Tuesday, btw Points)

I stayed up a little late that night, just vegging with Points, talking about nothing particularly important... just because I could. :) I am usually like clockwork- 10:30 and I'm heading to bed... I was feeling a little restless, and a bit moody, and just wasn't quite ready to lay down and toss and turn.

Finally went to bed (and slept like the dead) and woke up nice and late Monday morning.. I had taken the day off, Feren was supposed to have a half day, and Bren was planning on going in, since he'd been home sick on Friday, but was still feeling quite ill, so stayed home.

We toddled about, finally deciding to hit the continental for the third time and get some lunch. We decided to walk since it was such a gorgeous day, and.. I have to say, it was wonderful. :) The food, the company... le sigh. I think I can safely say that all of us were loathe to let Points go home.

Roho and I did the drive down to Midway to drop the dragon off at the airport, calling Feren so he could say goodbye, since traffic prevented us from stopping at his workplace as planned.

Hugs and kisses and promises to visit were exchanged at the terminal, and then we started heading home. I was still bouncy and hyped up, slowly coming down into 'Post Visitor Blues'. Bren and I got some communication going on some issues that were popping up in our relationship, and I felt really good about things when we got home.

We had a very low-key evening after that.. had leftovers for dinner, played a bit of EQ, watched a movie.. then crashed and went to sleep.

Tuesday I started my last week at work.

Things were really...weird all week. The phones were either really dead, or horribly busy, and everyone was off doing their own projects, so I was the only one available. That made me more than a little cranky, but I figured it was only 3 days, so what the hey..

Did the envelope stuffing project again on Wednesday with KG's help.. and started realizing that I'm never going to see my coworkers again.

It really hit home on Thursday when I packed up my desk, looked at the bare walls, the empty drawers.. that there were a lot of people I was going to miss. I was okay til Rob walked by my desk with two large pizzas from Giordano's and asked if I was hungry.

I lost it then. I knew that leaving was the right decision, but.. it was hard. After that, I didn't want to be at work. I wanted to be anywhere else. I had originally intended to stay til 5, but I just couldn't handle it and left at 4.

Last night, Feren and myself went up to BD's for dinner, as Bren was at D&D, and we had $5 off coupons for weeknight dinners. We of course left the coupons at home, but we've become so well known there that they gave us the discount anyway.

The food was delicious; although I came to the disturbing realization that I can no longer eat a bowl of stirfry and dessert. I unfortunately didn't realize this until after I was halfway through the dessert and was in serious gastronomic distress. I winced the entire way home, feeling sick and miserable, then collapsed in front of the computer, wishing someone would shoot me and put me out of my misery. I hate vomiting, or I would have just stuck my finger down my throat and gotten it over with. meh. definately won't do THAT again.

Was still in pain when Roho got home, so just curled up in bed with the fox and slept it off.

Today I'm off from work, so hoping to do some much needed housekeeping that's been neglected all week so Bren doesn't have to poke through laundry baskets looking for clean underwear.

Monday, I start my new job. I'm both excited and terrified... will try and keep updates here.

going to close now.. as I need to make some phonecalls.

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