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Thank you

I want to thank everyone for prayers, well wishes, and good thoughts. It's helped more than I can ever express.

Many of you know about the problems I've been having with my job for the past 6 months. I had decided to quit looking, grit my teeth and just muddle through the day back in January, and later in that month (or maybe it was late February.. don't remember) things started improving at work.

Last week, a company I interviewed with back in November called me to come back in for a third interview. I was impressed that they had honestly held on to my resume and looked at it again... although I really wasn't sure if I wanted to leave the cozy nest ARC had become for me. (The job is now cushy and boring) I waffled and angsted up to Monday night (the interview was Tuesday morning), discussing my reasons for not wanting to go with Roho and Feren, and just in general trying to figure out what to do. When it became clear that my primary reason for not wanting to go was because I didn't want to get up early, I decided that I would go. I didn't think that being lazy was a good excuse to skip an appointment.

So, I showed up early for the interview. I didn't go full out to impress; wearing my battered loafers with a skirt and nice blouse.. figured that I'd gone full out the first two times I interviewed with this company, doing it a third time wouldn't help. The manager I interviewed with was very nice, earnest and sincere. Evidently the other manager that was supposed to talk to me wasn't in, but I had already spoken with her on one of my previous interviews, and she still had her notes, so it was all good. Quite quickly, the session was over and I truddled home.

I felt.. ambivalent about it.. They told me that they'd have a decision hopefully by the end of the month, and I honestly thought I had wasted my time. The situation at ARC had changed in that I was working with a much lower call volume (went from 150/day to 20/day), I was getting to do more detailed work with long pauses between calls that let me do whatever.. I had seniority and special status because I was on the "Level 2" team that dealt with calls that needed special handling.

With the new job, I'd be doing... a mix of what I used to be doing for Level 1 at ARC, and the job I was currently doing. Interacting directly with clients, resolving their needs by dispatching a technician, following up to make sure repair is complete, and sending the ticket to the billing department to be invoiced. Much more work.

So. I wasn't sure.

Yesterday afternoon, I came in to work; and had pretty much decided that the decision was in God's hands. As long as I had a significant raise in pay, I was going to take the new job. About 3:30pm, I got the call with the offer.

To say I was floored is an understatement. I never expected to hear from these people again.

I was offered a $3500/year raise.
100% Tuition reimbursal (certain GPA must be maintained)
16 days PTO/year
Paid holidays
a 4 mile commute (one way)
Business casual dresscode

I submitted my resignation last night. My last day at this job is next Thursday. I start the new one on Monday, March 31.

Thanks again guys. All the prayers and well wishes paid off. :)
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