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Mar. 12th, 2003

The day started off well. I have dim memories of hearing the alarm go off, then curling up against Roho and having him hold me for a few moments before slipping out of bed. Rousing myself out took a little longer, but it was a good morning.

As Bren left, he let slip that he had ordered a surprise; later in the morning two powerbooks (OLD powerbooks) arrived through fedex. The initial joy of having new toys was dimmed by the fact that they weren't what was advertised, and one has a dead power board. But I was still okay.

Came to work, and settled in for what has become customary boredom. RB tossed some work my way; researching two tickets that were contested when the invoice was sent for billing. One had a typographical error that would have resulted in 10 hours of labor being billed rather than 1.5, easily corrected and resent, the other... I have no idea why they were contesting it. Copied all the information down and sent it to the project manager for review. Piece of cake.

Next, RB popped me a message saying that one of the tickets I had closed for another client was filled in incorrectly. The last person to touch it according to the notes was LP, which is me. I pull it up to fill in the missing information and just... stare. I did not note this call. The formatting was totally different from my usual precision, and it was missing pertinent information that I always make a point of getting from the tech. A couple of phone calls later (fortunately, the tech remembered his milage), and I had the information in. I spoke with RB, who looked at the ticket and agreed that it wasn't me. We postulized that AD had come back in (it was in his usual style) and altered my notes, forgetting to change the signature. This bothered me, because much as I like AD... he's becoming an increasing thorn in my side. I swear he gets his jollies by coming by and telling me every time I screw something up. Not 20 minutes after this, he comes to tell me that I failed to get the correct UPS location for parts on two calls. The address I had was 100 miles in the wrong direction. This is snowballing on me, as the tech's manager is on the phone demanding to know who's responsible for the fubar.

At least when I screw up, I do it in a spectacular fashion, right? It really bothers me when people come and shove my nose into my mistakes. It *really* bothers me that I'm the only one that answers the fucking phone on this project, and people get pissed off when I make mistakes.

That I'm not able to shrug this off really bothers me, but that's an entry for another time, I think.


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Mar. 12th, 2003 10:18 am (UTC)
Bleah, the stuff at work sounds like something out of Office Space, where you have three different managers telling you to use a coversheet on your TPS reports.
Mar. 12th, 2003 10:24 am (UTC)
You know... I quoted that to RB this morning.. heh

"I know how to do my damned TPS Reports, so STOP telling me already!"

He laughed.

He also said to ignore everybody unless Bob comes to chastise. Good advice, I need to listen to it. Going to get myself some lunch in a few minutes, and maybe draw a little bit. I'll be okay, the moment of emotional crisis seems to be past.

*snug* Thank you Will. :)
Mar. 12th, 2003 10:27 am (UTC)
You're welcome, Lydia.

It sounds like at least RB is a good person to work with/for, so at least you have someone on your side there.
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