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Happy birthday to me.. oh. ahem. Sorry about that.

We got new upgrades for our computers, as my attempt last weekend resulted in two ram chips getting destroyed by my motherboard. They arrived yesterday, we popped them in, and woohoo, amd athlon speedy goodness. Everything was going beautifully until I booted into windows and went to my D: drive to start restoring from my backups. (D is my secondary hard drive) There was no data there. It showed 7 of 8 gigs used, but there were no items showing. Scratching my head (and feeling a little panicky, since 2 or 3 of those gigs was artwork in progress), we poked and prodded some more. Rebooted, no fix. Tried checking the MS Knowledge Base. Hrm. Something about Fat32 being corrupt. Okay, let's try fixing that! Replace Fat32, and viola.. there are files. 8 thousand little 'Recovered File Fragment' files. We tried converting to NTFS. No dice. We postulated on possible ways to see if the data was recoverable.. changing file extensions to see if it would run, ect ect.

This morning, Roho pointed out that he had made a backup of my art folders back in January, so I went ahead and formatted the drive this morning and started over.

Some data is going to take me a lot of time and effort to replace. My quicken files are gone, my checkbook that I used for budgeting is gone, all of my debt repayment records are gone..

Fortunately my email is on another computer, but I lost my copy of PS5.. all of my old websites that I kept around for nostalgia and html reference..

The good news is, the computer runs like a dream. It's speedy and beautiful. I just don't know what it is about the damned thing that says that every time I try to upgrade it, something has to happen.


Least it's Thursday. Just two more days of work to get through.


(and I would like to note that I am not depressed or angsty. I'm pissed at myself for not utilizing my CDRW and doing real backups of important information. One day I'll learn.)

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