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Rather than sending a chain letter on to friends and family, I'm simply going to post this here.

feren sent this to me this morning, and growing up near an army base, I have to agree that we don't show our military forces the appreciation they deserve for risking their lives.

Now I might not agree with what the government is doing right now, but the men and women on the front lines don't have a say in where they go, or what they do. They have to follow orders. My brother served 10 years in the Air Force. My sister was in Desert Storm, and is now serving as an emergency nurse at Fort Sumter, SC in the Air Force. My father served in Vietnam, and Korea.

I hope you will take the 10 seconds it takes to sign your name. They don't ask for anything more personal than a name and a location.

Thank you.

The letter follows:

Please visit the Department of Defense web page below and sign in
thanking the men and women of the U.S. military services for defending
our freedom. The compiled list of names will be sent out to our
soldiers at the end of the month. So far, there are only about 1.2 million names.

What a shame... it is National Military Appreciation Month. The entire
exercise takes 10 seconds...literally. Please pass it on to your e-mail friends.

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