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Things are okay. I haven't gone postal and killed anyone yet, I just haven't felt much like writing. I haven't felt like much of anything lately, to be honest.

I've been trying to keep myself busy with personal projects, letting the creative bits of my brain regenerate a little before I start strip mining them again.

A little discouraged at finances; evidently the hefty tax refund I thought I was getting has been transformed by the IRS demons into owing $75. Must set money aside. Grr.

My best friend has announced that she's getting married this summer, and wants me and Roho to be there. This throws a monkey wrench in plans for the summer, although with the tax thing, it's probably better to curtail travel plans anyway. Will discuss with Bren and decide what we're going to do.

Dieting is still going, nearly a month without falling off the wagon. Go me! Planning a fun Valentine's day though, as I'm going to have something nice and carb-rich for lunch that Saturday. :9

Shortly after, I turn 25. Good Lord, where has the time gone?

Went to the doc this morning, heard all sorts of conjecture on what my internal problems can be. I'm trying not to let the more.. vicious.. possibilities hang around my brain too much, or I'll get an anxiety attack. Hopefully by Tuesday, we'll have some of the nastier stuff ruled out. (Either that, or I'll be going under for surgery, and I will feel justified in having a full blown anxiety attack. :P)

Either way, I'm really ready for pain and discomfort to cease and desist.

And I need a nap.

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