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I've made some changes.

Comments made in my journal, and other happenings over the weekend have made me rethink the people I associate with through LJ on a daily basis.

I've removed a couple of people that have made it clear that they no longer want my friendship, and made it so that they can no longer leave snarky comments. If you no longer consider me a friend because I told you that you were making a mistake, that's fine; you obviously aren't the person I thought you were. But you're not going to come snipe at me when I've had a bad day.

I am also moving several journals into my 'I don't read this' filter. I've gotten kind of tired of skimming through my friends list and seeing the same people posting the same angst. This may make me a hypocrite, but I never asked you to read my journal. And at least my angst is about something more than imagined insults and passive agressive attacks at the people I care about.

I have had enough.

I will be writing more locked and private entries from here on out, taking a page from points. My apologies, but I have enough crap in my life without having other people's negativity shoved in my face on a daily basis.

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