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Golly what a day....

It's been an interesting few days. Last night, aureth came up for a boy's night out with roho and feren. I was somewhat unsure about this, because I had had a very long and stressful week, and I had (selfishly) wanted Bren's company through the evening.

Surprisingly, it turned out fine- Aureth showed up about 20 minutes before I left work, which meant that I had the fennec therapy I wanted. I came home and spent a good bit of time trying to get the case off of my nokia phone so I could put my sim card into my new sidekick. (Bren got them as part of an early birthday gift) I soon discovered that Nokia has really shitty case design, as no matter how I tried, I couldn't get the damned thing off. After 45 minutes, I gave up and fixed myself some dinner... Watching Iron Chef and chatting with a friend online. The guys came home shortly after, which surprised me - I thought they'd be gone longer.

We sat down for Iron Chef goodness, drinks were mixed up, and then we just chatted a while. We all got a bit sloshed, and I have to say that watching/listening to the Blue Man Group on surround sound while drunk is quite an experience.

We also exposed Feren to some of our favorite bits of Moulin Rouge. Hearing Ewan McGregor belt out the counterpoint in 'Roxanne' gave me chills. God how I love that movie!

We all crashed shortly after..falling into our various beds to pass out.

I'll write up today's adventures later.



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Jan. 26th, 2003 10:37 am (UTC)
Fun Enjoyment to the Weekend
Glad you had a great time with all of the friends, and you were able to get in some necessary Fennec Time for yourself! ;)

I greatly enjoyed reading your last post about how wonderfully warm and loved you felt by roho himself! That was such a sweet reading, and I'm glad you feel so fantastic by being with him. Excellent job on achieving your fitness goals with the gentle help and encouragement from your foxy sweetheart! I'm always rooting for you to do well in all that you do (even if I don't get the chance to verbally squawk about it in your day-to-day postings).

Awk! Everyone's having Mongolian BBQ meals! :> Lanaiggle's crazy for that kind of stuff! Those restaurants don't exist in Toronto (as far as I know). Yeek! Must make another trip back to the United States to enjoy some more Mongolian BBQ food! MURRR!

Have a great weekend, Kestral.

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