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Dum de dum.

It's (finally) Friday, and I made it through the week without killing, maiming, or breaking my diet.

I'm proud of myself.

My tasks for the weekend are-

1. Clean apartment tonight and tomorrow morning before company arrives. Cornwuff, you don't count as company, so you get to see it dirty. Lucky you. ;)

2. Finish Shockwave's commission. I will attempt to set a good part of Saturday evening and Sunday morning aside for this, while I recover from eating way too much BD's.

3. Laundry. Will be done while doing item 02, I think.

4. Scan sketches for Mistletoe and other commissioners, then email them out for approval. Related- Sketch remaining 4 pictures out.

5. Attempt to finish editing on AFA's website. Whoever originally put the site up (and I suspect I know who it was) should be smacked around muchly for using a piece of shit like frontpage.

A friend pointed me to some really kickass design and graphic ideas. Those must be put into some sort of order as well.

Tonight, I am leaving 30 minutes early, since I skipped lunch and have already garnered 5 hours of OT this week. (My employer no likey OT.) Once I get home, I am going to take out my eyeballs and wear my glasses for the rest of the weekend. Normally, I don't do this, since the prescription for my glasses is old and out of date. But there is... something... in my field of vision in my right eye, and I can't tell if it's the contact lens, or if there's an actual problem with my eye. I'm not feeling any pain, so I suspect the lens is just dirty.

Tonight, also, will be much playing with my new toy. My birthday isn't until March, but Roho decided that he wanted to take advantage of the year of free data (which ends on the 31st!), so, I got my gift early. Well.. I'll get it when I get home tonight, but still.

I feel a little guilty for all the nice things Bren's been doing for me lately, and I don't quite feel like I've been... deserving of the attention and expense he's been going to.

I was supposed to start Atkins again at the beginning of January, but ended up cheating off and on for 3 weeks. I went back on the diet Monday, and have thus far done okay. Bren went out and found a loaf of low carb bread, and the Atkins Bake mix (which seems to be extremely popular, since the stores are ALWAYS out when we check) for me to cook with, and.. I know this stuff is expensive.

This morning, as I was seeing him off to work, we realized that I've lost 50lbs since we first met in person, December 4th, 2001. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be able to boast that, if it weren't for the support and encouragement he's given me.

How wonderful he is was rammed home this morning, when I reacted badly to something he wanted to do. He listened, he comforted, he didn't give in, but he asked how he could help me better handle this particular situation. I love his strength, I love his compassion... I love him.

I'm so very grateful for having him in my life. He's helped me do things I never thought possible, and.. he's forgiven all my shortcomings. (Except for bringing Cailet into his life. But... I know I'm going to hell for that. ;) )

I'm sorry for the mushiness, guys. I just wanted to take a moment to tell the world how incredibly wonderful my partner is, and how blessed I am that he loves me.

Thank you. That is all.

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