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Mmm. Lazy kitty.

We had a good weekend, BD's Saturday afternoon, enjoying each other's company. Much as a pain in the ass Ra is, and as impatient as I get, I just have to tell feren what a great roommate he is. I really enjoy having you around, inkblot.

We stopped at Hobby Lobby on our way home, which was evidently Feren's first experience with the chain. It was a lot of fun to follow him around the store as he exclaimed in wonder at all the neat knicknacks they sell. :) We saw something we want to pick up for sushimare next time we head out east, and I saw a beautiful poster of cheetahs that I wanted to pick up, but I was good. ;) Fer found a poster he'd wanted for a long time, but both copies we found were damaged.. until a total stranger that had been poking through the selection pulled out a smaller version and passed it over to us. I really love it when things like that happen.. It's like the VW (?) commercial where a smile is passed down a chain of people with some sort of nice deed.

I managed to get out of the store without spending too much, just snagged a couple of replacement markers and an exacto knife, and we headed home. The boys decided it was finally time to hang the various art so, after much hammering, the apartment looks decently decorated, rather than having naked walls.

I had a nice nap, then puttered around online until time to leave for the MFF staff dinner. I think I had done some sketches that morning, but.. it's all hazy. :P

The dinner was nice, we got to talk to aureth a bit, which we haven't done much lately, and we really enjoyed sitting next to neowolf2. There were a couple of people that I don't get along with at the table, but they seem to be universally disliked by the staff, so we were pretty much able to ignore them.

Came home, putzed around a bit more, then curled up together in bed.

There is nothing nicer than being snuggled up under a warm blanket with the one you love.

Sunday was another lazy lazy day. Chinese buffet was for lunch, then we dropped Fer off at home and headed to the MFF meeting. Gads, was that LONG! Had it confirmed that I am the head of the art show this year, and chatted a bit with Aureth about some of the policies I want to put into place. I need to write up all the changes and rules so that I can make sure that I do actually have the authority and consent of the board to do them. ;)

I'm excited about the convention, and I'm excited about our plans for the year.

Around May-ish, we're going to try and head south to Tampa/Orlando to see friends and visit with Bren's grandparents.

July is Anthrocon and Convergence.

A trip out east is desired, we're not exactly sure when yet though. September maybe?

MFF in November.

Louisiana for Christmas. 2 days in New Orleans, then up to my parents' place. God I can't wait. :>

I'm also thinking about 2004, and the things I want to do. It's really hard to not get excited about the things we've discussed, even though I know that they might not happen for one reason or another. I'm just one of those people that likes to plan everything out in minute detail waaaay long before the event. Since I can't hurry time up and get it here sooner, I plot about it. :)

Anyway.. I can't give details on it yet, too much is still up in the air. Hopefully I'll know more by June, and hopefully I won't drive Roho crazy with my anxiousness. ;)

I don't really have anything more to report. Stupid me volunteered to work today, so here I sit. I did some sketching over the weekend, roughed out the beginning of another commission and another icon. I have a commission finished, and another fully inked and waiting for me to destro- err.. color it. ;)

I tried to detangle AFA's website this morning, but.. that's unfortunately going to need a major overhaul. Whoever set up the site initially filled it with an unholy mishmash of java and CSS, and since I know very little about either, it gives me a headache to even look.

Oh well. I'm going to consult my favorite web-code guru, and hopefully he can help me wrap my brain around the things I need to.

And... that's all that's new in cheekitty land. :) I need descriptions from you, jadedfox. *nudgenudge*

Take care folks!

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