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Last night, Roho and I were curled up in bed, in the middle of our nighttime chat before sleep. He said something (I can't remember now what it was) that I found funny.

So I said 'I like you.'

Neither of us has any idea where that came from, as that wasn't what I had in mind to say when my mouth opened. We were giggling for quite a while about that, and imagined that it must have been a bit like one of the moments gen and her hubby have had. It was cute, it was intimate, and... it made my night. :)

In other news, the response to my commission soliciting has been... astoundingly positive. I want to thank each of you that's responded. I have no idea what I did to deserve such friends, but... I'm really glad I did it. :)

I'm looking forward to the weekend. This past week has been high stress from all fronts. The newly found balance I had found in my relationship has been put through the grinder as garbage from work battered at it. We seem to have managed, which I am extremely grateful for. At least, I'm not at the point I used to be, of crying my way through the day.

Work continues to be a high stress factor in my life. Now that I'm off the depo, I seem to be better able to roll with the punches, but sometimes it still hits me square in the face. Like Wednesday. Wednesday morning, we found out that our manager, Gwen, had her hip replacement surgery on Tuesday. She had come through recovery, woke up, and everything looked fine. Wednesday evening, we were informed that... there were complications Tuesday night, and that the doctors suspected she had a stroke. Gwen is in her 40s, a very active, healthy, robust person. She's been in a coma since Tuesday.

This has put me off balance a good bit. I know that I face joint replacement surgery one day, and this scared me deeply. I disagreed with Gwen's policies, and got angry at her more than once.. but.. to have a life so drastically changed.. yeah.

Otherstress has been caused by finances. My computer desperately needs an upgrade. I need new art supplies. I want a new cell phone. In playing with Feren's new toy, I had almost convinced myself to go for the phone. A discussion with my mother, however, reminded me that I need to get things paid off first. So.

$2600 in debt that's not in some sort of arranged payment plan. $1k of that is going to be knocked out (hopefully) by my tax return. Nearly $200 knocked out by the wonderful people that are letting me draw them. The other $1400 will be paid off in chunks as I can scrape money together from other monthly bills. Getting totally out of debt by June is beginning to look possible.

Unfortunately, it does look like Pawpet Megaplex is going to be off of our list of cons to attend- for this year at least. There's just no way I can afford to take the time and spend the money right now. We're going to try hard to make it to Anthrocon. It looks like we can get plane tickets for under $200 each, which is way cool. I think we'll probably wait at least until next month before sending our registration information and stuff in though. I need to find out for sure who all among our friends is going, so I can discreetly inquire about sharing a room to help defray costs. I've already planned on giving the artshow at Anthrocon a miss- MFF really zinged my wallet hard. Instead, especially with the success my commissions are seeing from people that AREN'T my friends and taking pity on me, I'll probably stay in Artist's alley and pimp myself out for sketchbook doodles and other quick commissions. If it helps with my expenses, great. If it doesn't, at least I know that I'm spending the minimum amount to go to the con. We still want to go to Convergence, but I'm not sure yet if that's going to be an actuality, or a 'I'd really like to, but...'

Which brings to mind a few other things. There has been a lot of issues floating around among my friends and aquaintances of late. It seems that there might be something in the water that causes problems to crop up and for people to don their drama queen outfits.

Annnnd... much as I want to do my part to add to the miasma that's floating around the states of Illinois and Wisconsin, I do think that discretion is the better part of valor right now. Much as I'd love to shred some people.

Ahem. Sorry. Predatory instincts and all.

I was really thrilled when Roho told me that he found some good job listings out in Massachusetts. We *have* to stay until October at the very least (unless we want to pay hefty penalties for breaking our lease), and I think we'll probably be taking stock of the pros and cons around that time. If we *do* decide to move, it'll probably happen either next year, or in 2005. Since Bren would be transferring within Abbott, we have the luxury of taking our time.

I'm really excited about the prospect of moving east, but at the same time... yeah. I've made really good friends here, and I don't think they'd let me uproot them and bring them with me.

And since I have about 15 minutes til time to go home, I'm gonna go look busy now. :)

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