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The interview this morning was... interesting.

1) I doubt I'll get a job.

2) I doubt I'll get hired by anyone with the market the way it is.

3) The reason why isn't really my fault, but I'm screwed anyway.

Evidently, employers in today's economy want reliable employees. They won't even consider someone that's held more than 2 jobs in 5 years. With what I considered a fairly stable job history, I've held 6 jobs in the last 5 years. 3 times as many as recommended. No wonder no one wants to hire me.

While I understand the reasoning behind this, it still pisses me off. I have worked my ASS off in the past few years. I haven't sat around and waited for opportunities to come to me. I have gone out and worked hard for my goals. I have whittled my debts down to where they will be paid off by the end of the year (I hope). I have worked for years to get to where I'm at, and at this stage of my life, I had dreams of being more.

I'm angry because the likelihood of getting a new shift is slim to none. Because I've worked evenings for a year, and incompetents like VC are allowed to keep the coveted day shifts. I'm angry because I'm expected to do over half the work of the entire department by myself. Yet, if I quit, I put myself up against all of the other thousands of unemployed. I don't have faith in the system to throw something magically in my lap. I live in the real world, not a fairy tale.

I'm angry because I evidently don't have any privacy in this office. My boss just walked by my cube, leaned over the side, partition, and looked at what I was doing.

Okay. Enough angst. Good night folks.


Jan. 14th, 2003 03:01 pm (UTC)
I actually just got back from a two week vacation to find that one of my coworkers (the only other one in the office that pulled his weight) quit.

Of the remainder, we have one that works.. but also works on other projects, so only half of his production is helpful, one that seems to live in a fantasy land where she can do whatever she pleases, one that only works when the planets are in the correct alignment and he feels like it, one that is constantly out sick (we're on day 3 of his absences for THIS bout. He's supposedly been hospitalized 4 times since he was hired back in July), and the last.. well.. I'm not sure exactly what it is the last one does. Sometimes he's a useful, productive team member, sometimes I wonder if he's over there downloading warez. :p

My boss is a snoop that won't do squat. My other boss is letting the first one sink or swim.

It's not a pretty situation.

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