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Mmmm. What a delightful weekend.. wonderfully relaxing. :)

Friday night was a bit low key. We came home and flopped in front of the tv (I think... memory's hazy).. then crashed and seriously passed out.

Saturday, we woke up, logged into our respective computers, and putzed around until time for our Bd's outing. Went to lunch, stuffed ourselves silly, then left to run various errands that included getting a new trashcan with a lid for the bathroom, and kitty litter so I could clean the box of Stank.

Box was cleaned, cats were happy. Yay!

This prompted a bit of a cleaning binge, so now the apartment is sparklyshiny. Well, not quite, but it's back within my tolerance for clutter and mess, so now I'm happy.

Had to take icky cough syrup saturday night for the nagging cough that doesn't bother me much during the day, but pounces at night. Blech.

Sunday was relaxed, we went BACK to Bd's... had lunch, went to menards to see if we could find a new lamp for the living room (ours had begun to resemble the leaning tower of piza (sp?)), and eventually, much to my surprise, found a replacment at Wal-Mart of all places. Unfortunately, it doesn't dim as much as desired, so I think we're going to put it in our bedroom, and move our bedroom lamp into the living room.

I made some sales with the commissions (huge hearty THANK YOUs to everyone that contacted me about them!) and am in the process of considering a second job to help get me to where I want to be financially.

Before I do that though, I think I'm going to see how fast I can crank out art without sacrificing quality. If I can make money that way, I think that would be preferable to saying 'would you like fries with that?' or.. retail. *shudder*

After another delightful night of sleep (no sarcasm there, I actually slept through the *entire* night! Yay!), I got up this morning, found two job listings that had me salivating, and promptly shot off my resume. Here's hoping that they call me, rather than looking at my resume and tossing it. :)

For a Monday, the day has started out remarkably good. I need to call my dentist and oral surgeon still, might wait and do that from work, will see how much time I have after all the morning rituals.

I wonder what kind of explosion is waiting for me at work... with a good morning, something bad usually happens later. ;)

Have a good week guys!

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