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I have rather odd quirks about my house. I can't clean when anyone is at home because... well.. Fennecs are distracting, and I usually want to spend time with him when he's around. So, I try and do housekeeping during the week in the morning when he's at work.

This morning, the mess around the apartment had reached critical mass in my brain, so I went on a cleaning frenzy. Pfew. I do want to apologize to both roommates if I moved their things and they have trouble finding them now. :p

We can now actually see the coffee table, and the floor has been vacuumed. I managed to scrub the toilet and get all the kitty litter off the bathroom floor, got the new shower guards up (to keep water from draining onto the floor), emptied out all the accumulated garbage taken out to the dumpsters, and cleaned all the rugs.

I still need to go through the fridge and take out the old food, sweep the kitchen floor, finish vacuuming our bedroom, do laundry, and pack.

Even though I still have a lot to do, I feel a lot better now. I used to be a real slob with my environment, and I'm not a neat freak now, but I have discovered that I have a definate limit on how much clutter and mess I will tolerate before I go on a cleaning binge. I tend to leave certain areas of the apartment alone- Roho's desk is his to clutter or clean as he likes, and I try not to mess too much with Fer's belongings. Everything else is fair game.

Kirt called in sick today. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. There's been no word from management on the memo sent, and no actions on the fact that we have people that don't show up half the time. I guess with the finances of the company in the shape they're in, everyone feels safe in slacking off, since they know the company won't fire them. It costs too much to hire a replacement.

Yesterday... was misery. I had to wonder at one point if they were trying to induce me into walking out. I spoke with Rob about it in the hopes that he could perhaps intervene on my behalf, but.. he holds about as much hope as I do of things getting better.

I can't understand how any manager can ignore problems like this. I can't understand how they can just... brush us off. They're wrapped up in other problems and expect this call center to run itself; but the problem is, no one is here to exert authority on people that are pushing the limits. I'm disgusted by the lack of professionalism, and yet, at the same time... if they do it, why should I stick around to pick up the pieces?

Today is my last day of work before the end of the year. Tonight starts my vacation. I'm thinking about sneaking out 30 minutes early. The company owes me that much. When I come back.. I start my job hunt in earnest. Roho told me last night that he can cover for me rent-wise, that I have a choice and can quit if necessary. As tempting as it was to take him up on that immediately and just walk out, I can't. As I tried to explain to someone last night, I can't run the risk of not getting another job right away, or of getting a job that doesn't pay as well. My conscience won't let me depend on Brendan to pay my truck note, my insurance, and my old bills that have nothing to do with him. I guess I'm old fashioned.

Tomorrow, we're going to see Two Towers, and get ready for the trip. Just 7 more hours to get through, then I'm free.

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