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I was really grumpy when I got up this morning, but now I'm literally hyper with holiday excitement.

I discovered last night that Oberweiss egg nog with nutmeg does some... unpleasant things to my stomach, so I didn't sleep all that well, leading to the morning grumpiness.

I had to call my old doctor's offices because I have been receiving bills from them that should have been billed to my insurance. I had called my insurance company before, when I got the first bill, and they informed me that they just needed some information from the doctor and the claim would be settled. Stupid doctor won't send them the information, and is billing me when she didn't get paid. I think I got it all sorted out... the doctor is part of a large company of physicians, and the company was quite displeased to find out the reason the insurance company hasn't paid the bill. Their customer service representative was very pleasant though, which made for a welcome change.

On my way to work, I noticed that gas prices had taken a $.10 jump from over the weekend, which made me wish I had gassed up on Friday, rather than waiting. Oh well.. one of these days, I'll learn. Got to work to find everyone's cubicles festooned with lights and Christmas decorations, which annoyed me at first, but has grown on me during the day. It feels nice and festive. :)

I'm really just... excited... about the holiday. We leave Saturday for our trip out east, and while I'm not sure some of my gifts will be well received, there are a couple that I am just... really hyped up about giving. I love finding little things that aren't on wishlists, that I think people will like. For example, my father is the grinch of our family. A few years back, I gave him a grinch plushie as a kind of gag. This year, I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a grinch tie and matching socks. ;)

I'm looking forward to seeing Roho's parents again... they are such neat people, and when he called them over the weekend, his mom asked to speak with me; which made me feel... accepted and welcomed into their family. I'm really looking forward to meeting his sister, and it looks like we will get to spend time with sushimare*, and possibly lyosha and was1. :)

(* I forgot that Dalia's LJ identity was Sushimare. Thank Roho for pointing that out. ;) )

It looks like we're leaving Saturday morning and driving out straight to Dalia's, visiting there for a bit, then scooting over to Boston to stay with Roho's sister. From there, we're going to western Mass to an aunt's home for the actual Christmas Day. After that, we're heading up to Portland, Maine to spend some time with Mom and Dad, then visiting Dalia again before we leave for home. A quick stop in Albany to visit friends, and we should be home before New Year's Eve.

I guess I'm uberexcited because I've never been to New England- (I don't think DC/Virginia counts) and.. Bren's family makes me feel like I'm one of them. His mom was talking about showing me around to all the sights in Maine, and Dalia's talking about fudge and cookies (two things very dear to my tubby little heart), and... this is just looking to be a very fun vacation. True, it'll be stressful- Bren and I have never been cooped up in a car together for 20 hours before, but if I could survive the drive to Michigan** I can survive anything. ;) This is also going to be my first real exposure to his extended family, which will be a bit stressful as well. His clan seems to be a lot more closely knit than my own, and as welcoming as I'm sure they'll be, I'll still be the outsider. I'm not that worried though. Unlike my ex, the fennec is really good about not carrying me into strange situations and leaving me to fend for myself. ;)

And now, since my employer seems to want me to actually WORK (imagine that!) I'll close. :)

Happy holidays, everyone!!!

** When I moved to Michigan, an electrical short in my car caused the door ajar alarm to go off continuously. It also fried my stereo. So imagine a loaded down car with a terrified cat and no noise but 'ding..ding..ding..' for 21 hours. ;)

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