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As the four day weekend starts getting ready to close, I look back at what I had wanted to do, and what I got done, and just... bleh.

Thursday, I slept most of the day; catching up on much needed rest from the con. This was most excellent. Around 3pm, I got up, made some dirty rice, and we went over to Roho's cousin Lori's place for turkey dinner. We had a dinner party of 7 (plus two children), which was a little awkward at times in her small dining area, but worked out fairly well. The company was excellent, and we were plied with much food and drink. Eventually headed home (I was slightly sloshed, so extremely silly/sleepy on the drive) and collapsed into bed.

Friday. Around noon, Feren asked if we'd help him with a the last bits of sorting and moving the rest of his things out of his old apartment. Not having any other real plans for the day, we agreed, and headed down to help out. We managed to get two piles of things sorted; one going to the new place, one going to storage. We cleaned the majority of the apartment, leaving the kitchen, dining area, and his old roommates' bedroom for them to handle. (This is important later) And when I say we cleaned, we CLEANED. The bathroom was filthy, and took a few hours of hard scrubbing to become presentable. Feren treated us to dinner at one of our favorite restraunts for our hard work, which was really nice of him, and we came home.

Now, before I go on to my report of Saturday, I want to make a few things clear. I know that the condition of Fer's apartment before he moved out was.... less than good. I honestly don't care who made the mess; him or the roommates. That's none of my business, and he's been nothing but good about cleaning up after himself since he moved in with us. So now that we're clear on that..

Saturday, we were moving the last bits into storage. So we came up and loaded everything, finished vaccuuming fer's bedroom and the living room, and left a few things in the dining room and on the livingroom floor that were going to our place. Fer called his ex roommates Friday night to tell them that they needed to come help clean; more specifically, he asked them to clean their room and the kitchen. More than fair, since we tackled the rest of the place, cleaning up feathers left by their bird as well as the mess left by Fer's cat. He called the ex roommates again as we left for storage, since his old apartment complex had told him that they would go after HIM if the ex roomies didn't turn in their keys. Left a voicemail and we went to unload into a friend's basement.

We were gone about 3 hours. When we got back, everything that had been in the kitchen (garbage, miscellaneous junk) had been moved to the floor of the dining area. The refrigerator had not been cleaned. The stove still had dishes in it. The floor had not been mopped, or even swept properly, and there was food on the walls.

So. To Feren's ex roommates. You are DAMNED lucky that Feren didn't want to see you yesterday. I was sorely tempted to tell him to call you and make you come clean up properly. Instead, we spent 3 hours of our holiday scrubbing what YOU should have cleaned while YOU sat on your asses at home, smug and superior.

It's really fucking sad that two adults can't clean up after themselves, you know? And I'm really disgusted that neither of you had the self respect to even ATTEMPT at real cleaning. Or did you think we wouldn't notice? Do you really think we're that stupid?

I hope the two of you are proud of yourselves. I know now why the apartment was in the condition it was in; without a shadow of a doubt. I wouldn't want to clean up after you all the time either. I can't blame Feren for not wanting to do it.

I hope that you two enjoy your taste of real life, now that you're out on your own and having to support yourselves. I think that there's going to be some harsh reality shoved in your face, and it's nothing more than you deserve.

Now some of you are asking why I'm posting this in my journal, were these two losers are probably never going to see it. Well, I have a couple of reasons. 1) It's my damned journal. Don't want to read it? There's the door. 2) I am REALLY fucking angry that I had to kneel on fucked up knees and crawl in that goddamned refridgerator to scrub out a salmonella farm. (That's right. Spilled blood all over the bottom of the fridge, left to congeal) I am royally PISSED that two peole that are at least my age if not older, cannot be trusted with a very simple cleaning job when we did everything else. 3) I'm hoping that they will see this, and post with some self righteous response so I can vent some of that anger. We cleaned their hair out of the shower, off the toilet. We vaccumed up their leavings in the carpet where their computers were. I felt like a fucking maid.

The rest of Saturday was great. We went to BD's and had some most excellent dinner - The first any of us had eaten all day, and came home and MST3K'd Episode II. (the movie was horrible. Save your money)

Now, we've finished getting the inkblot situated, and just need to make a few adjustments at home. Things are good.

Now going to drag fennec off to breakfast.

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