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Recently, we aquired a new roommate, and with him, his cat. We rather expected Cailet to act dominant and agressive towards the intruder, but... she has become very defensive and runs away whenever the new cat approaches her. The new cat has decided to take this opportunity to be a bully- he has his own litterbox, but uses hers, he lies in wait for her when she's using the box (We have to shut the bathroom door with her inside so he'll even let her in), yesterday morning he sat outside my bedroom door, pawed at it and meowed til I opened it and threw water on him. He's invaded her territory (our room) and chased her under the bed, and just been a real bully. We're really at wit's end on how to handle this situation.

When I lived in Michigan, my roommates had 3 cats that had established their territory and... bullied Cailet quite a bit. I suspect that this is why she won't stand up to the new cat, but... since I'm not a cat, I really have no way of knowing.

If anyone has some useful advice, or knows a good veterinarian that I can write to or get advice from, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to have to constantly fight Cailet's battles for her, and getting rid of either cat isn't an option. I know that things will settle down eventually from experience, but I know she wasn't happy in Michigan, and I'd like to spare her that experience if I can.

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