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I'm still struggling with keeping things together. Work has been fluctuating from decent to horrible, and other things keep popping up and keeping me off balance.

I realized that I am not going to get any art finished for MFF, so just going to submit the few pieces that I have. Some are in print format, only one original. So if anyone's coming to MFF, buy my art please- I need the money. :p
There's one piece that it's imperative that I finish; since it is to appear during one of the... entertainments.. so I rather have to finish it. Whee.

I found out yesterday that Gwen pulled VC aside for a meeting on her job performance. Looking at my ACD yesterday, it made no difference. CH found out Monday night that his grandfather passed away, so he's out til Thursday. I am expecting KG to call in sick on one of these days, since he calls in all the time anyway.

I got a callback from the place I interviewed with on Thursday.. I didn't get the position, but they wanted to know if I was interested in their Customer Service department. I indicated that I was, hoping for a job offer, only to be told I'd have to interview with their team managers, and that they already had some really promising candidates. I'm glad that they didn't pull a Washington Mutual on me (I *STILL* haven't heard from them), but.. I don't want to go to an interview if there's absolutely no chance I'm going to get the job, and that's rather the impression I'm getting. We'll see what happens.

Roho helped me salvage the day as the evening progressed.. we had some progress on an issue that I've been having problems with, and we both enjoyed each other rather than him trying to calm me down from hysterics as work went to shit. It was a very nice change.

Rigth before going to bed, however, I noticed that I had a claim notice from the insurance company of the woman I hit last month. Now to put this in perspective, yes. She was pregnant. She said that she had been planning on going to the doctor anyway. She drives a saturn, I drive a Dodge Dakota. The old body style, not the new one. A big heavy V8 truck. I slid into her. If I had hit her at a speed that could have done more than spilled her coffee, there would have been some damage to her bumper. It was perfect, looked like it came straight out of the showroom. She insisted on an ambulance and hospital visit, and is now demanding that I pay for it.

Am I wrong for being infuriated at this? Am I the only person in the world that would have just paid for it myself, if I were in that situation? I am angry because it's not enough that -I- got the ticket, even though it wasn't my fault- The paramedics all agreed that trucks are bitchy on wet roads, but now I stand the risk of my insurance rates going up, my insurance company DROPPING me...

I don't need more financial stresses right now. I have more than enough with what I've got. I've already spoken with my insurance company, so hopefully they'll deny her claim and she'll have to pay for it herself.

Whatever it was I did to deserve bad Karma, I think I've paid for it by now, so I'm really ready for life to start looking better. I've always been taught that God doesn't make bad things happen to people, but I'm honestly beginning to wonder. I mean, look at Job.

Either way, I've had enough.


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