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I didn't sleep very well last night, and therefore I am extremely grumpy. I have a job interview, which meant that I had to pick up some nylons (as it would seem that I can only wear them once before they develop huge gaping holes), which meant spending money I didn't really want to spend.

I am doing okay financially.. although I shudder to think of how things would be if I were still trying to make it on my own.

I have $2000 in a student loan and other scholastic fees.
A $8000 truck loan at 26% interest (total? $11000 if I don't pay it off early)
$1000 owed to an old apartment complex because they claim I broke my lease early.
$300 owed to a bank
$600 owed to Brendan
$90 owed to Feren
$550 owed to my parents
And other miscellaneous debts that I don't know about, I'm sure. I haven't had a chance to get my credit report yet, so I'm sure there's other ugly things lurking there from the divorce.

So for shits and giggles, let's tot all this up:

That is $15540. True, $1240 is owed to private individuals that have been EXTREMELY understanding about letting me pay them back slowly, but that still leaves a hefty amount of debt hanging over my head.

Add to this 1/2 of $1055 rent and living expenses, because yes, ladies and gentlemen, I take my responsibilities VERY seriously and do my best to cover my share of our expenses, and we have a very depressed kitty.

However, with judicious budgeting, I will be fine. I've set aside $200 for MFF, another $200 for our trip next month, and we're contemplating another trip in March. I am making regular payments on MOST of the debt (will add another payment to my monthly host after I get Bren paid back), and I'm slowly but surely crawling out from under the weight.

My point?

There is no hole so deep or so dark that it can't be crawled out of. When I think about the person I was just two years ago, and the person I am now... it's night and day. It requires determination, sacrifice, and more determination. It's not easy. But it makes you a better person.

That is my rant of the day. I know there are people out there that have had it worse off than me and succeeded in spite of their situations.

I have a job interview tomorrow. My entire reason for posting this is because my thoughts are very much on this interview, what salary will be offered, and whether or not this will be the rescue I've been hoping for, or if I will have to wait.

Guess we'll see. Wish me luck.

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