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Had a very nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday night, we just kind of lazed about... discussed some issues that had been affecting us, and can hopefully overcome them with a minimum of fuss. (Neither of us wants to impose on the other...when the other really just needs to know that the imposition is desired, if that makes any sense)

Had a discussion with feren on Friday night that... really made me feel good. *hug* And it eased some worries I had on that front.

Saturday, we had planned on hitting the library (I'm all out of reading material, and I'm on a Mercedes Lackey binge), CDW, and other places before lunch, but due to someone (*ahems and looks innocent*) sleeping in until after 9, we didn't get to. We hit cdw on our way up to lunch for our weekly ritual. I was very tickled that one of the grillers remembers us... and evidently, our waiter has served us before, because he recognized us too.

Lunch was delicious as per usual.. I only did one bowl due to an onset of stomach upset.. but it was still quite tasty. I had intended to go to the library by myself after lunch, but as chebutykin is fond of saying, I was a bloated tick. ;)

Came home and attempted to put my new power supply in, only to be greeted by a loud warning beep that repeated itself over.. and over... and over...

My computer is from Hell. I am totally convinced of that. I have never ever been able to upgrade it without some sort of serious problem. Last time I tried to change out the power supply, I fried my floppy drive and managed to waste all the drivers on my system.

I was less than pleased.

We narrowed the problem down to the memory... and through blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of cursing, finally got it working. It now sees all my memory, and the power supply is operable.

The guys then retreated to play GTA while I fiddled with the computer some more.. playing with photoshop and opening up my more graphics-intensive games (eq and such)... seems to be working just fine, which is a relief.

I think after furfest, I am going to put up some more auctions so I can buy some ram, but... that can wait. :P

After Fer went home, Bren and I played EQ for a while, then logged out and collapsed on the couch to enjoy Iron Chef. We lazed about a while longer, then bed. mrr.

Sunday was very lazy.. we had intended to try and hit the library, but I forgot my card, and.. yeah. We had IHOP for lunch (which I forgot I had leftovers from.. could have had that for breakfast. doh.), then did some shopping and came home to collapse.

It was a very dull weekend by some standards, but.. I really needed that. Next weekend we have to finish cleaning out the spare bedroom, and I want to be sure the house is somewhat clean.

Weekend after that, we have Harry Potter movie! Must go see! And after THAT, Furfest, then Thanksgiving.

As I was talking to Mom yesterday, she asked if I could take off from work and go to Maine with Brendan. She asked as if she was suggesting it and hoping I could.

My mother really confuses the hell out of me sometimes. I think she may have had the change of attitude because we're going to try and come down in March.. We're trying to figure out a way to hit the Pawpet Megaplex, visit Bren's grandparents, then scoot west to see my family.

We'll see. :)

and now, since it's really effing cold in here, I'm going to close and go watch tv til time for work.



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Nov. 4th, 2002 08:08 am (UTC)

Ahem... I mean.. uh... yes... that sounds like it might be a plesant little trip.
Nov. 4th, 2002 08:19 am (UTC)

A certain Gen was the primary reason we kinda wanted to go, yes. ;)

To the con, that is.. his grandparents live somewhere in the area, so if we can finagle some frequent flyer miles from his parents to help cover the tickets, we'll be heading that way. :)
Nov. 4th, 2002 12:49 pm (UTC)
Funny thing about computers....no matter how hard you try to be sure that everything is seated properly and is nice and snug, you'll always find something that could be snugger, or was loose. Sometimes even re-seating the cards fixes a lot of problems, too.

See, my computer is posessed, too. I used to run Windows 98 all the time, happily, without a problem...

The one I currently have now refuses to run anything other than Windows 2000 Proffessional. 98 becomes Corrupt in a matter of days, ME in a week, I can't even get XP to install. Linux looks at my hardware and goes HAHAHAHAHAHA and then conks out. Win2k is the only OS that I can use. But thankfully it runs everything I want it to fairly well.
Nov. 4th, 2002 12:54 pm (UTC)
Hehe. Feren looked all stern at it while Roho prodded and I... well.. at that point I was in tears with frustration and looking for a nice baseball bat. ;)

They got it working though, and kept me from throwing it out the window, for which I am extremely grateful. ;)

And glad to know I'm not the only one that has those kind of problems!
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