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Had a very nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday night, we just kind of lazed about... discussed some issues that had been affecting us, and can hopefully overcome them with a minimum of fuss. (Neither of us wants to impose on the other...when the other really just needs to know that the imposition is desired, if that makes any sense)

Had a discussion with feren on Friday night that... really made me feel good. *hug* And it eased some worries I had on that front.

Saturday, we had planned on hitting the library (I'm all out of reading material, and I'm on a Mercedes Lackey binge), CDW, and other places before lunch, but due to someone (*ahems and looks innocent*) sleeping in until after 9, we didn't get to. We hit cdw on our way up to lunch for our weekly ritual. I was very tickled that one of the grillers remembers us... and evidently, our waiter has served us before, because he recognized us too.

Lunch was delicious as per usual.. I only did one bowl due to an onset of stomach upset.. but it was still quite tasty. I had intended to go to the library by myself after lunch, but as chebutykin is fond of saying, I was a bloated tick. ;)

Came home and attempted to put my new power supply in, only to be greeted by a loud warning beep that repeated itself over.. and over... and over...

My computer is from Hell. I am totally convinced of that. I have never ever been able to upgrade it without some sort of serious problem. Last time I tried to change out the power supply, I fried my floppy drive and managed to waste all the drivers on my system.

I was less than pleased.

We narrowed the problem down to the memory... and through blood, sweat, tears, and a lot of cursing, finally got it working. It now sees all my memory, and the power supply is operable.

The guys then retreated to play GTA while I fiddled with the computer some more.. playing with photoshop and opening up my more graphics-intensive games (eq and such)... seems to be working just fine, which is a relief.

I think after furfest, I am going to put up some more auctions so I can buy some ram, but... that can wait. :P

After Fer went home, Bren and I played EQ for a while, then logged out and collapsed on the couch to enjoy Iron Chef. We lazed about a while longer, then bed. mrr.

Sunday was very lazy.. we had intended to try and hit the library, but I forgot my card, and.. yeah. We had IHOP for lunch (which I forgot I had leftovers from.. could have had that for breakfast. doh.), then did some shopping and came home to collapse.

It was a very dull weekend by some standards, but.. I really needed that. Next weekend we have to finish cleaning out the spare bedroom, and I want to be sure the house is somewhat clean.

Weekend after that, we have Harry Potter movie! Must go see! And after THAT, Furfest, then Thanksgiving.

As I was talking to Mom yesterday, she asked if I could take off from work and go to Maine with Brendan. She asked as if she was suggesting it and hoping I could.

My mother really confuses the hell out of me sometimes. I think she may have had the change of attitude because we're going to try and come down in March.. We're trying to figure out a way to hit the Pawpet Megaplex, visit Bren's grandparents, then scoot west to see my family.

We'll see. :)

and now, since it's really effing cold in here, I'm going to close and go watch tv til time for work.


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