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Shameless Plug!

Howdy folks!

For those that aren't aware, roho is MFF's Charity Auction liason this year. As such, he's requested that I post this -

It's less than a month til Midwest Furfest kicks off here in the cornfields of Illinois. That means...you guessed it...we're soliciting for any donations for the Charity Auction!

Midwest Furfest's charity of choice is Animals For Awareness. AFA is a non-profit organization that takes in exotic animals; animals that were once pets, but have been abandoned or otherwise cannot be cared for any longer. They shelter dozens of exotics, some permanently, and they also are actively engaged in education efforts throughout the community. You can read more about what they stand for at http://www.animalsforawareness.org/

Last year, Furfest raised $3000 for AFA from convention attendees during the charity auction. The convention itself then matched that amount, for a total contribution of $6000; enough to fun AFA's activities for months! This year, we'd like to top last year's already amazing contributions.

This means it's up to you! We need donations from the public. Donations come in all shapes and sizes; items of value, original artwork, prints, art commissions, comic strip appearances, vast tubs of Nutella, the generosity of our donors in the past has only been surpassed by their creativity! As an added bonus, if you donate, you will get to see Anthrocon's own Uncle Kage espousing the virtues of your donation...and who wouldn't want to see that?

If you would like to contribute something, in person or by mail, please visit http://www.furfest.org/events/auction for details and restrictions. If you suffer any doubts about the worthiness of the cause, then come out to Furfest in person, and all doubts will be assuaged, as you will get to meet with the AFA folk in person, along with several of their charges!

Already slated to attend are:

Morocco, the fennec fox
Al, the red-tailed hawk
Kodiax, the Canadian lynx
and Winnie, the ringtail cat.

The convention, AFA, and most importantly all of the animals saved will thank you!

-Brendan Dunn, Furfest Auction Chair

So please, if you have something you can donate for this most worthy cause, please visit the link above for information on sending it in!




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Oct. 27th, 2002 06:23 pm (UTC)
A Worthy Cause
What a wonderful charity the MFF group is supporting. That's very beautiful indeed! It's a shame that I will not be there to attend the group-gathering, to make a donation, and to help out the organization take care of the exotic animals.

buran photographed the red-tailed hawk from last year. Very pretty bird.

That fennec fox would just be too cute to see!

Canadian Lynxes are very cool. (No pun intended) :>

As well as the ringtail cat.

Good luck in raising the donations for the charity auction.


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