genet (enveri) wrote,

The last day of work before a holiday is always kind It's either extremely busy, or extremely slow, very rarely normal. I am definately looking forward to this weekend.. I need the break.

I don't know what we'll do over the weekend, perhaps play EQ- or fool around online. I might try and draw.. I need to break out of my fixation that all pieces need to be full colour, full page. I also want to work on style- I'm getting rusty with doing faces, and that's not good.

I also want to work on the website some more. I'd dearly love to get all the back end working - database insertion and retrieval systems, a search function, getting my livejournal linked in, then playing with the site design a bit. I think when I have a bit more money, I want to register the and .org domains... but that's definately plans for the future.

Speaking of the future, the conversation among my coworkers right now is about the purchase of homes and the cost of living. I can't wait til we buy our house. We're not sure yet where it will be.. here in Chicagoland, or up in Maine, but... we will have one. Oh yes.

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