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Weekend Report!

Friday was just... crappy. Rob was out because his wedding was Sunday (going to be out all this week for his honeymoon), and we had a heavy load of work to do. It seemed like every time I set my phone into the cradle, it rang again.

Needless to say, I was extremely pleased to head home after work. Friday night was much lazing about, enjoying our new cable service, watching TV, and watching Roho play Grand Theft Auto. (There's one particular mission that keeps eluding him; the way the game has been operating, it's impossible to complete. I'm not sure if it's a game bug or just really faulty design) Tumbled into bed and slept like the dead.

Saturday morning I awoke to very nice fennec snuggles... around 8:30.. which was sleeping quite late for both of us. We finally crawled out of bed around 10, and hopped online to see if the wolfpair or panther would be interested in lunch and seeing Spirited Away. Got in touch with Aureth, who was most enthusiastic, and left a voicemail for Feren. We then zipped down to the wonderful new Dick Blick store in Schaumburg, so I could pick up mattings for the art I was to ship out. Well, we couldn't find precut mattings (which seemed a bit ridiculous for an art supply store of DB's calibre) and the employee I asked said they only carried full sized matboard. Muttering and grumbling at this disappointment, we headed north to the Palatine Michael's. Picked up mats, then we decided to hit GNC to see if they had any atkins items, since it was in the same shopping center.

They had soooo much Atkins material. It was wonderful! We picked up a brownie mix, and a banana nut muffin mix, then made a right turn out of the center when we should have made a left. We still had time before Aureth was due to show, so we explored a bit... got quite lost... although we did locate a lounge that Roho was interested in investigating. Unfortunately it looked like more of a dive than a place to go for relaxation and cocktails, so we continued on home.

Walked through the door and my cell rang with Jen calling to coordinate our rendevous at BD's Mongolian BBQ- my weekly treat lunch. :) We zipped on up to Vernon Hills, and were met there by the rest of the pack (who managed to arrive at the same time, despite coming from completely different locations in different vehicles), and had delicious food. The server didn't charge me for my second bowl (everyone else had one), which was very neat; We figured we wouldn't correct his mistake since we come here on a weekly basis, and give them more business than any other individuals would. After that, we waddled (ahem) into Sams to pick up a few things... unfortunately they were out of the cool dvd players, so Feren was thwarted in his plan to pick one up for a coworker.

Then... we got directions to Evanston and headed south to see Spirited Away!!

Being a casual watcher of anime, I have to say that I must obtain this movie on dvd. I prefer the more fantasy based anime over the sci-fi, and this movie was phenomenal. Due to getting lost, we arrived just in time for the first show of the evening, which was subtitled. The theater was *immensely* comfortable, with large, velvet upholstered seats with high backs, so I didn't feel like I had to slouch to lean back and get some head support. There was also spacious legroom (for me at least) and the theater was filled with a mostly older, yuppie crowd, not children. I have to say it's one of the best moviegoing experiences I've ever had- I really want to go back to that theater... I've never seen another with a well-stocked lounge (complete with live piano music) in the actual theater.

The movie itself was one of those that... for lack of a better phrase, weasels it's way into your brain. I couldn't stop thinking about it. There were a lot of things that confused me... I wasn't sure why they were included; they didn't further the plot, and made no sense. The ending left me feeling...dissatisfied. I wanted better closure. But it was a fun movie. Quite a few people have remarked on the emphasis of love in the movie, but.... I rather liked it. I guess I like the wistful romance (which is why Tuck Everlasting is on my must see list) of quite a few anime movies.. the love that has too many obstacles to overcome. Yeah, I'm a romantic. :)

After the movie, we stepped into World Trader... I was extremely surprised at the prices- I expected them to be out of sight, but they were all extremely reasonable. I saw many many things I would love to buy, both for myself, and for friends... and it was a good thing that I knew I didn't have any money. We also passed an art store that I would like to step into some day when I have some cash.

All in all, it was a very pleasant evening- we had parked a few blocks away from the theater, and it was very nice to just walk around.. I've forgotten how enjoyable that could be.

The drive home was a bit rough... Roho and I had a mild misunderstanding that upset me... and him, I imagine, but by the time we got home, it was resolved. The ride in the back of Aureth's car was hard on my knees, but they managed.

Sunday we got up late again (after more lovins) and headed over to the old place to pick up the plushies and fennec. My knee slipped going down the stairs with the second load and I was quite glad to sit in the car while Bren brought down the final pieces. (my right knee will sometimes.. "slip" when going down stairs... basically if I step down with my left foot and bend the right knee, it causes excrutiating pain) We headed home and called Feren, since we planned on hitting a restraunt near his place for lunch. Unfortunately couldn't reach him, so we ate dinner alone. It was pleasant- the server seemed more interested in the football game than actually doing his job, but the food was good.

Went home and collapsed, watching tv and just being together was really nice.

Yesterday, I had to be at work for 6am due to switching shifts with EV for a day. I got all the way to work before realizing that I had forgotten my access card and had to go back home to get it. Strike one. Got to work with a bad stress headache and found that no one in the morning crew ever answers the phone. Strike two. The day was busy, but not horrendously so, which was good. I hadn't slept well the night before; stressed about getting to the post office, and up to Waukegan to pay off a ticket. After squeeking through the day I rushed up to Waukegan only to find out that my deadline to pay the ticket was an hour and a half before I got there.

So... got in line to talk to the Clerk of Court, who was very gracious and extended the deadline for me, and I got it paid off. I noticed that everyone that works there is extremely grim. No one responded to my smiles or 'Have a nice day'. It was rather depressing. Hopped on the tollway to go home and got caught in evening rush hour, which was bleh. Found my fennec had beat me home- yay! I had received a nibble on my resume, so called the woman when I got home... which was cool too. I'm going to a meeting/interview on Saturday, so we'll be doing lunch a little late guys.. I won't get out until around 1pm.

Last night we watched O Brother Where Art Thou, which I think Bren enjoyed, then caught a special on Alaskan mummies. Ancient history fascinates me- Not to the point where I'd want to be an archeologist, but from the safety and comfort of my own home, I love following National Geographic around the globe to poke at ancient artifacts. The story of the mummies they found was a tragic one.. I don't remember which eskimo/indian tribe they were from, but they lived on the Aleut islands in Alaska. Nearly wiped out by disease and russian fur traders in the mid 17th century, they were, by all reports, a really remarkable culture. There's a show coming on the science channel on Oct 8th about an investigation into the death of King Tut. I'm really looking forward to it. :>

Another show I've come to enjoy is Iron Chef. That is something I haven't really seen before, and it was... fascinating. All the different things they made with mushrooms.. (including a dessert!!!!) was amazing!

But anyway. It's a typical day at work, which means I'm busy. I need to write up a list of questions I want answers to, so when I go to this meeting on saturday I don't just say 'HIRE ME!! PLEASE!!'

More later.

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