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Oey. What a weekend.

I haven't updated in a while.. mostly because I was writing in my offline journal, and partially because... There has been a rash of people making comments about what others post in their journals. Someone made a comment to me in jest about the contents of my own, and it deeply offended me, hence the creation of my paper journal and my cessation of writing here.

I've had a few months to think about this... and I think I do prefer the paper journal. However, I will try and post a bit more frequently here. I don't ask that people agree with everything I say, or that they refrain from pointing things out to me that I may not want to see... I just ask that you think about how you're going to say something before you comment. A little tact goes a long long way.

In other news, work has continued to suck the big one. I won't go into detail here other than to say that this company is systematically destroying both my sanity and any shreds of loyalty I might have had. We had 40 more layoffs on Friday, and we were told that whomever among our techs isn't A+ certified by the first of November will be let go. Considering that a great majority of our techs aren't certified... well... ARC has a big gun aimed at its balls, and it's gonna pull the trigger.

Soo.. yeah. Jobhunting. I'm hoping to make it through November and December, although when I realized how our PTO ** system works, I realized I'm screwed on vacation time no matter which way I go. (** With our company, you don't start accruing PTO until you've been with the company for 6 months. After that, you start accruing it at a ridiculously slow rate. 15 minutes for every 80 hours or somesuch. They don't give us the full week right up front) And since they forced us to either take July 5 off unpaid, or use future PTO, I'm a bit in the hole right now, so I don't think my Christmas vacation is going to be paid for. This bites the big honkey, but at this point, I really don't care. I am totally fed up with this company. Maybe if I can find another job soon, I'll be eligible for vacation time by Christmas. Slim hope, but.. feh.

The more I think about how ARC has treated me, the angrier I get. When Judy was fired, we were all fed hype that Gwen would be so much better, because she cared about the department, and that she and Steve Egan would set everything straight. Well, it's been two months now, and... guess what? I'm still the department's whipping boy.... er.. girl.... or something. For instance; my stress levels at work have been sky high since RB was here. First, because Judy insisted on shoving her managerial duties off on me, then because once Judy was left, I was told I was to be a "point person" along with Rob, and neither of us were ever told exactly what that entailed. Every time I've come up with a problem, I've mentioned it to Rob, and he's told me that his hands are tied. Gwen is in colorado, she's not on site, and therefore only knows what Rob tells her, since she never bothers to check in with me. She's called me twice all ready to chew my ass because she assumed she knew what was going on, only to have me inform her differently. WE NEED AN ONSITE MANAGER. But no one will be hired. They won't promote Rob. No; instead, they're adding to the responsibilities he's in charge of. What does this mean? It means that an already overworked man is got more than he can handle. That he asks me on a regular basis to take care of things for him. That he has no time for concerns of the department because he's trying to be a supervisor and not overstep shadowy bounds. No one is willing to say that he's the new manager, because they'd be obligated to pay him more. Therefore, as he's said many times, he can't do shit. I have complained time and time again about the phone delays. They've got them down to 30 seconds, yet my phone STILL doesn't have a delay on it. In the past 3 hours that I've been trying to write this, I have been the only one answering the phone for the majority of the time. No one in this company has any kind of skill at managing calls. Yes, we be friendly, but we take control of the damned call and don't spend 15 minutes chatting about nothing!

Another thing that really really pisses me off about Gwen's style of "management" is that she's told Rob and myself that VC has no authority at all. However, VC does up the schedules for who does what every morning, and she is suspiciously aware of all the issues going on in the department. She still goes up to KG whenever someone's emailed hiim about a mistake and says 'I'm supposed to discuss this with you'. Not only that- I've mentioned her roaming habits time and time again to gwen, and keep getting, 'well, that's not a firing offense. She's been here so long.....' BULLSHIT. I don't give a damn if you throw the bitch out on her ass, but goddammit be a MANAGER. If I tell you one of your employees sits around for 8 hours a fucking day and twiddles her thumbs, INVESTIGATE it. Don't blow me off with a 'Oh, she's got longevity so she's allowed'. I got called by Gwen because Rob caught me crying from the stress I was under, and received a lecture on how she started her career at United Airlines in their call center. Um.. hello? You've seen my resume. I worked for DELL. I don't mind high volume.. it keeps things from being too boring. What I mind is working my ass off while I watch other people websurf, throw a football around, or pick their noses. I don't mind working as long as everybody else is working too. I'm not getting paid to do the work of 4.

Gwen told me on Friday (another day of Hell) that she's going to train CH and KG on the same things I am, ostensibly to take some of the strain off of me. This... is not going to help. The problem isn't with the second shift. The guys on the second shift are, for the most part, great. They do occasionally fall down on the job when I'm already beyond insane, and I get cranky, but on a whole, without those two guys, I would have walked out already. Fallback or not. The first shift people, however.... well, let's see. EV has the 30 second delay on his phone, so... when I'm here, his phone practically never rings. (That's not boastfullness, I know I'm a fast dispatcher) Then PJ and RN... Well.. PJ is often answering the phone, but RN doesn't very much. VC... all she does all day is chat online and print recipes. I never see her doing anything work related. I've mentioned concerns to Gwen, and I've been promised that audits would be done of phone activity, but.... nothing ever happens.

So.. yeah. I feel like I've busted my butt for nothing. Thanks for the pat on the head, but.. that's not enough to keep me happy. And then the layoffs. For those that don't know, this company is a phantom IT outsourcing company. Our primary client is HP- basically, our techs go out and service HP machines at HP client's sites. We have a few non-hp contracts, but not nearly enough to keep the company afloat. Our techs cover the majority of the continental US... the only state we don't cover is Alaska. As it is, with layoffs earlier in the year, our techs are spread as thinly as they can get. As it is, we're losing HP clients because we can't service them within the time specified by their warranties. And they want to lay MORE technicians off?

I'm not worried about my job for the time being... my department is sort of the last line of defense.. But without any working technicians, we're kind of obsolete. As rob put it, alot of our employees are like rats on a sinking ship... just waiting for that piece of driftwood to float by.

I'm hunting for my driftwood.

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