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First off, happy birthday Pogo. ;)


I was just talking to one of our techs in Baton Rouge, and he was filling me in on the weather happenings down south. The University of New Orleans shut down yesterday, and the University of Louisiana (formerly known as University of Southeastern Louisiana) is shutting down today. Our tech said that Grand Isle has been evacuated, and that everyone is holding their breath to see what the tropical storm is going to do.

Grand Isle is about 100 miles southwest of New Orleans... situated on one of the delta penninsulas on the southeastern corner of the state. (Click here to see the map.)

I have two brothers in New Orleans, a brother in Morgan City, my grandmother in Franklin, an aunt in Lafayette, an uncle in Eunice, and my parents up north in DeRidder.

When hurricane Andrew came through a few years back, it hit the coast like a hammer, then ran its way west. My grandmother's hometown of Franklin was devestated... my oldest brother in Morgan City's house was destroyed.

When I think of the potential carnage to loved ones, I shudder. Those that live on the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines who have lived through hurricanes can vouch for the unbelievable damage they can do.

I'm afraid of what Tropical Storm Isidore can become. I'm afraid that my grandmother won't make it if another ferocious storm hits the coast and she's forced to evacuate. I'm concerned about the brothers that I am in all honesty not very close to.. but since they are my family, I love them.

Please join me in prayer and hopes that the storm will blow itself out before becoming a full blown hurricane.

Thank you.

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