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Well folks, it looks like my truck is on it's last legs. It has had dead spots in the starter for several months, I was just hoping to squeek by just a little longer before it completely kicked the bucket. I'm guessing I have maybe one or two 'live' spots left, so I'm going to have to throw down some money to get it repaired.

SO. I have put up 7 original pieces of art and 2 limited edition prints on Furbid. SOOO.. Please spread the word, get people to use the 'buy now' feature, and everyone have a good night. :)

EDIT: I was asked to provide links directly, and since I'm really hoping that people will open pocketbooks... =)

  • Bad Dream - Cute piece. This is the original. I said in the auction that I wouldn't mat it, but I remembered (belatedly) that we have a new Dick Blick close by, so.. I will be matting all the pieces.
  • Bad Dream - Same as above, just a print instead of the original.
  • Goldeneye - This is actually a piece of Aubrin.. and I got his colouring way off. Oh well. It's a little cheaper than the others because... it's not as.. involved.
  • Wolf - Yay for Aureth! And thank you Jen! ;)
  • Park Swing - This is one of my favorite pieces. (Print)
  • Bath - (NUDITY) I'm surprised this one hasn't done better than it has... I find it very soothing and relaxing. Planning on framing my own copy for our new bathroom. :) (Print)
  • Study Break - (NUDITY) another cheesecake pinup, of a female this time. Tasteful, but not work friendly.
  • Muse - (NUDITY) I swear I was not thinking of Roho when I did this. It's a cheesecakey pose of a fennec looking fox. Mmm. Naughtybits.
  • Cheesecake! - (NUDITY) It just doesn't get better than a studly gryphon strutting his stuff.

All of the pieces are originals in excellent condition. There is a small smear on the left arm (his right) of Wolf, but I don't think Jen will care, and it's not very noticable. So please, tell your friends! I am also accepting commissions for LJ icons and message board avatars-

The prices for LJ packages is $5 for free users (3-4 100x100 images) and $12 for paid users (10-11 100x100 images). Message board avatar prices will vary with complexity, using $3 each as a base price.

I accept paypal, personal check and credit cards (through billpoint)... and um.. yeah. I think that's it!

If you're interested in a commission, mention you saw the advert in my journal, and you get $10 off. ;)

I'm finished groveling for money now. For real this time. Honest!


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