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Another day, another dollar.

And the LJ cut is because... I'm tired of snide comments made about the contents of my journal. This is a place for my thoughts, no one has any right to remark on the quality or quanity of my postings. If you don't want to read what I have to say, then don't read it. It's that simple.

Yes, I am a bit bitchy today. You have been warned.

There's been a lot of changes going on at work... and a lot more in the process of being made. Evidently, at 5pm on Monday, Judy was escorted out of the building. None of us know... officially... why she was fired. (And she WAS fired, or forced to resign) But we all have our suspicions. I've spoken with both Steve Egan and the other manager, Gwen.. and what they had to say is making me reevaluate things here.

I had been halfway jobhunting. I submitted a few resumes, was invited to a jobfair for a company, so on. But now.. I think I'm going to put those plans on hold, and just bide my time. I've been discussing things a good bit with the person who it SEEMS is going to be taking Judy's managerial position, and... well.. if I stay, there may be good changes for me. I have decided that if they don't do something; I am going back to my original plan of getting the hell out. No one in this department has busted their ass as much as I have. I know for a fact that no one else has done as much overtime.

There are a lot of problems that the new management is going to have to stamp out; and with Gwen not in the office (She's currently telecommuting from Denver... rehabilitating from a hip replacement), discipline has gone to shit. VC thinks she's going to be in control now that Judy's gone... and... well.. I've got news for her. Although, they may surprise me.

Whether or not I stay will be decided on what happens over the next few months. If I continue in my current position, I'll be bailing as soon as I get my student loans paid off. If they do promote me (like I'm hoping they will) I'll stay.

I really rather envy a local friend... a company came to him, wanting to hire him. I know he works extremely hard, and they would be getting a exceptional employee if he decides to take the job. I just... wish that companies would come recruit me unsolicited. Give me that leverage in the bargaining.

There is more I could say on the subject of job hunting... quite a few things I have seen lately have really... bleh. No sense in stirring things up.

It's been a pretty bitey day. I've been pretty exhausted for the past week- not due to lack of sleep or anything, just.. tired. The monthly has started, so I think that's my most probable culprit. I'm just waiting to make sure it behaves itself, or I'm going back to the doctor for another shot. I am NOT bleeding for two months straight again.

Add to the general lethargic 'I don't feel so good' feeling, I had absolutely no appetite this morning. I ate a few pieces of pepperoni, drank two 16oz things of water, and drank a 12 oz pop... but was not hungry in the slightest. Add a piece of cheese and a slim jim, and I still have little appetite. I hope it's the diet, and not me getting sick.

I think today has been the day of annoyance. I browsed through friends' livejournals and saw a lot of.. comments and opinions about artwork, and talent, and so on and so forth. This.. irritated me because 1)- People were complaining about yerf. (Well.. not complaining, but... sushimare had a minirant about the way Yerfers are portrayed due to the message boards, ect ect. Read the post) The thing that ticks me off so much isn't that she was ranting - I agreed with most of what she said. It's that people that aren't as talented as another person would rather sit there and say 'I hate you' rather than work on their own skills.

I can't even begin to say how much that annoys me. I am not a perfect artist. There are quite a few artists that create masterpieces in just a few strokes of the pencil... and create things that I can't dream of doing. Do I hate them? No. Do I ask them how they did that? oh hell yes. Do I study their work? of course. I am not vain. I know I'm not the best, I know I'm not the most popular or well known artist. But goddammit, I have worked at this for 20 YEARS. I started drawing when I was -5-, folks. If you cannot sit down and create what you want, and you don't want to work at it, for cat's sake, please stop bashing the people that can in a jealous fit. There is a thing called 'talent'. It doesn't grow on its own. It takes a long time of nurturing and work for it to flourish. And you know... just because you work at it doesn't mean you'll end up painting the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel.

I know a lot of artists that excel in one area, and really...need improvement in others. And often, they are the ones that are griping and complaining about how much they suck. I'm honestly quite tired of it. If art is such a chore that you feel you must constantly gripe, then just... give it up. It's obviously not something you enjoy, and the rest of us are tired of hearing the complaints. If you want honest critiques, and suggestions on areas of improvement, ask an artist you respect for help. There are tons of websites, tutorials, and books out there to use for reference material.

I guess the bottom line is, if you're not willing to put in the effort, don't bitch when you don't get anywhere. This goes for art, writing, needlework, cooking, any skill that requires... skill.

Work is getting to be irritating again. VC just tried to move some candy and food onto CH's desk, and he didn't want her to. So she tried to force it on him until the rest of us told her to bugger off. There's a desk where no one sits... why she had to put it on HIS desk is beyond me. I'd certainly get anything that didn't belong to me off mine.

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