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Belated Updates...

There's been a few things going on that I just haven't had the heart to write about.

I started Atkins the day after Brendan got home from the Cape... Tuesday will be the end of my two week induction period. I've lost roughly 8 lbs (gained one this morning. grump), which is good. I'm hoping to manage 20lbs a month, which is a lot, but... I have a lot to lose. :p

On Thursday, Aug 15th, my Aunt Geraldine passed away. My uncle found her in her bed. I didn't know her... They live in North Carolina; and rarely visited my grandmother. I met my uncle Eric once, when I was a child, and have only vague impressionistic memories of him. All I know of my Aunt is from the chain letters and hoax emails she would forward to my mother and me. Somehow, she had my work email address, since a neighbor or someone emailed me there to notify of the death. I already knew about it from my father. I'm really not sure how I feel about this. She was family, even if she annoyed me, so I loved her, but I didn't know her, so I don't feel grief. Odd situation to be in. I do feel sorrow for my Uncle... I have no idea how he's taking her death, but even if their marriage was... um.. unorthodox? It would still be traumatic to find your wife of 40 years dead in her bed.

Anyway. On to less morbid subjects.

Work is... work. There's a feeling of extreme wrongness at the office. Friday, Judy pulled me aside and told me that KT isn't paging the after hours CE's correctly, and I needed to sit with him that evening and make sure he knows what he's doing. Not only is this humiliating for him- it's quite obvious that remedial work is being done, but it's extremely boring for me. So I talked to him. Turns out that the database was screwed up. CH verified it. KT said that he called someone to fix it, that person SAID it was fixed, then emailed Judy and said that the 'new guy' was screwing things up. Not only that, Gwen, our supervisor that's been out on sick leave, emailed Judy to say that if KT didn't shape up in 2 weeks, disciplinary action would be taken. What the.....? Where was she those two MONTHS we were putting up with RB's incompetence? I trained KT. I know he knows what he's doing. He makes mistakes; we all do. His mistakes are nowhere near as severe as RB's were. This... just made me seriously angry. On a whim, I submitted my resume to a few places on Monster. I got a message back inviting me to a meeting to see a bit more what the company's about, yadda yadda. Problem is, the only meeting they were having on a weekend (all the others were scheduled for times that I would have had to miss work for) is located in Naperville, this Saturday. The job itself is in Schaumburg. I'm not sure yet if I'm going to go or not. That's an awfully long drive. :p

Other things have happened that disturbed me... last Wednesday, our CEO had a 15 minute meeting about how we needed to cut costs and pull in our horns. Then he threw a pizza party with three veggie trays and _30_ Giordano's pizzas. At regular price, that would be $600 worth of food. I'm sure they got a discount, so let's say $400. And there were leftovers that were going to get thrown away. Boy does this ever send a mixed signal to your employees! We can't afford to hire someone for second shift to make things easier on you guys (despite the fact that until two weeks ago, we were paying someone for that shift), and we can't afford to give anyone a bonus or a raise, but we can afford to waste money on pizza!

I seriously need to get out of that place. Which unfortunately, is going to mean going to school... since there simply aren't any other CS type jobs in that salary range. KT swears there are, but I sure as hell don't see them.

Other than that... doing okay. We're trying to make BD's a weekly tradition, since that's pretty much the only restraunt we know of where I don't have to request that my meal be prepared a certain way. Down to three weeks til the move... and I'm both excited and dreading it. It's going to be a tight month, since I want to be sure I pay my share. But no more going to get quarters... purrr.. oh yes, I cannot wait.
Speaking of which, need to get quarters this morning, grf.
Bren and I have been playing a bit of EQ lately... and we put in the request to move one of my characters to the same server he's on, so we can play together. I've had a lot of fun, both playing with him and watching him play... it definately restored a lot of my interest in the game.
And.. now, I've run out of things to write about.
More later maybe.

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