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I am so glad I came in to work today.

First off, RB didn't show. She whined some story about her daughter being ill, and having to take her to the doctor.

Secondly, right after I got to work, Judy pulled me aside for a meeting. She said she had wanted to give RB the can this afternoon, but couldn't since she had called in. She also mentioned that RB is definately going on the performance plan... since if she doesn't, her (Judy's) chances of replacing her aren't very high. Evidently she's got a lot of paperwork involved with firing someone that she's got to go through, which is just stupid. If your management says someone needs to be fired, you should trust them to know what they're talking about. Otherwise remove them from management!

Anyway, RB is going to be out today and tomorrow, which means boucoup overtime for me. 6 hours worth, which comes out to around $120 extra. It's going to be sticky if KT is still out, but... hell, I don't care. No RB for two days! Wheee!

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