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Momma said there'd be days like this...

God... what a day.

KT is still out on sick leave. Judy said the doctor wants to run some more tests before they release him to come back to work. That does not bode well. I am really really hoping that he recovers okay. All personal aspects aside, I'm getting really tired of being expected to do his work, catch RB's slack, and do my own job as well. There are a lot of other folks at this company that can do things too, and if I complain to Judy, I get the 'I wouldn't have given you this if I didn't think you could handle it' speech. Bleh. Make me feel guilty for wanting a slightly less stressful job. Manipulation at it's finest.

Soo anyway. I get to work today and notice that my pants are more baggy than usual, yay for weightloss. Ugh for needing to wear a belt to keep the damned things up. The shirt I wore today is one that stops at my waistline, so I constantly felt drafts as I shifted in my chair, trying to keep jeans and shirt from exposing anything I didn't want exposed. Made for a bit of an annoying day... especially since I had to continually pull my pants up. :p

Right after I arrived at work, SE spies me and walked over. He told me that he had had a chat with Gwen, our other supervisor, and that she was very disturbed about what I reported going on in the Dispatch center. Gwen is one of those people that is friendly and nice... until she catches you doing something you shouldn't be. Then she's a real hardass. I'm sure many of you know the type. At any rate, she left the dispatch center running like a well oiled machine. She's not very pleased to find out that Judy hasn't been running a tight ship. SE said that Gwen was doing some checking back on the things I had told him, and that she'd call me. Well, she never did, but then again, SE was supposed to get back to me yesterday, so I'm sure that things are rolling along, even if they're forgetting to clue me in.

Well... ladies and gentlemen, we have an update.

After finding 4 tickets that RB fucked up, I emailed her with the information. She told me that I had an attitude problem and that I needed to get off her case. I told her to do her damned job right, and we would. She told me to back off, I told her to do her job. She told me not to fuck with her if I knew what was good for me. I documented, and emailed to management.

I also included the statement that I could not continue working in this situation indefinately, and that if the situation was not resolved, I would have to seek employment elsewhere.

This was probably not the best move, but I cannot work with a woman that has threatened me for telling her that she made a mistake. What's more, I shouldn't have to. I do believe there are laws about hostile work environments. Either way... it's forcing management to make a choice on which employee they want to keep. This isn't always a good thing... pressing them to make a decision can backfire.

Well, what's done is done. They let her walk out the week of July 4th and come back, so I guess I don't really feel like my job is in much jeapordy. If it is.... then I sure as hell don't want to work for this company anymore.

I hear her sniffling over there, so maybe I upset her a little bit.


Fucking bitch.

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