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Well.. life has been interesting the past few days.

Monday was slow, workwise. I spent the day putzing around with PHP and SQL tutorials, trying to find out how this ticks so I can do funstuff with my website without pestering Roho.

The most interesting point of the day is when Judy's boss, SE, stops by to ask how we're doing. Ahem. I didn't exactly blurt out that we had a huge problem sitting across the aisle from me, but I did indicate that there were some issues that needed his attention. Soooo..

Yesterday morning I had a meeting with our Director of Field Services. Evidently Judy had not informed him of any of what was going on with RB. I brought in all the emails that I had sent about various tickets that had problems... there was a stack about half an inch thick, and this is just since July 19th... that's only as far back as my 'sent mail' history in our gimped version of Lotus would go.

I briefed him on the problems.... the misdispatched tickets, the complaints from techs, leads, field managers, and HP, the fact that we couldn't depend on her, that she was disrupting the team, and that she's always staffed out of the phones. He asked if this was a universal opinion of the team (that she blows chunks) and I told him what I had overheard. The mocking ('Say can you back me up while I go smoke? tee hee!') and the constant complaints- even from VC, who has to be the most... I hesitate to say tolerant, but.. dense? person in the office.

SE said he'd call our other supervisor whose been out these past months on medical leave and get back to me. Sooo.. now the ball is out of my hands. I do however, feel fairly confident that one of the two- SE or Gwen, will at least address the issue. Yesterday, RB was screwing up in classic style, so I emailed her, Judy, and put a blind cc on SE so he would be informed that this is an ongoing problem and that it isn't stopping.

Yesterday was rough to get through. I had another of those episodes where all I wanted to do was go home, curl up with my head on Roho's lap, and hide from the world. This took a little while to work through... but by the time I got home, I was feeling much better. I enjoyed a quiet evening with the fox, making him happy always makes me feel good. We decided to skip the Simpsons and head to bed early, since as I mentioned before, I've been having a lot of trouble sleeping.

I woke up at 4am this morning, and as I was heading back from the bathroom, Cailet clawed at the cardboard boxes in our room. This IS going to stop. I'm moving the boxes into my closet tonight and keeping the door shut. She's already ruined one of them by clawing at the corner til it shredded. I slept fitfully after that, but the important bit is.. I SLEPT. I didn't even hear Brendan get up at 6:30... so that is good.

So.. I suppose that life is good. Work is no better, but I have every confidence that it will be.

KT has been out of work since Friday... evidently at 3am Monday morning he was rushed in to the emergency room with a heart problem. He was released from the hospital at some point yesterday (I called yesterday afternoon to check on him), so hopefully he'll be okay. Those of you that pray, please join me in praying for his recovery. He's a nice guy, and one of the people that keep my workplace sane.

Oh yeah, Also, yesterday was my father's birthday. Unfortunately he was in New Orleans with my brother, so I couldn't call him.

C'est la vie.



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Aug. 7th, 2002 06:58 am (UTC)
Its good to see the ball rolling on your end in getting this conflict solved. At least those "in power" are genuinelly aware of the problem now. Perhaps some needed changes will occur with this horrific person.

However, just a cautionary word. I've seen situations like this arise in Academia, very similar to one you've got. Said "troublemaker(s)" were disruptive and generally "bad" to have around for both personal and professional reasons. Several of the "higher ups" were informed of the situation, and nothing ever got done. The situation was mostly ignored. Of course, that's Academia, the business team environment is something entirely different, and interpersonal problems like this might be considered more of a threat.

Either way, I hope something positive comes out of this! Be well! *hug*
Aug. 7th, 2002 07:15 am (UTC)
My biggest fear is that some sort of disciplinary action will be taken on Judy, for not taking care of this herself, and she will then do something in revenge to me.

I tried to stress that I figured that Judy was in touch with her supervisor... SE said this was the first he'd heard of the problem, and was very surprised when I told him that Judy hadn't said anything to any of us about her plans on how to deal with it.

Well. If they fire me over this.. they fire me. I'll find another job. Oh well.
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