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I got to work this morning to discover an email from Judy stating that 31 calls had not been dispatched, a few other things hadn't been done, and she wanted to know why not. (These were to be done friday night).

Yay for RB falling down on the job again.

I left at 7pm Friday... CH left at 8, and RB was supposed to stay until 9. After the spat we had right before I left, I guess I'm not too surprised that she decided not to do her work.

Evidently she's screwed up a lot of others... since two of my coworkers have sat down with her since she got here and discussed calls with her, and right now she's saying, 'Oh I didn't do that!'. *sigh*

The situation there is not getting any better with Judy not disciplining her and making us do it. I don't appreciate being held accountable for RB's actions either. How the hell should I know why the calls weren't dispatched? I wasn't even THERE for cat's sake!

Much as I hate to contemplate this, especially considering my financial situation... I think if RB isn't fired within the next month (or by some miracle of God, she starts behaving) I will start looking for a new job. I want something where I have a chance of progressing, and where I am not put in a position where someone else's screwups put me in a bad position.

Besides that, it'd be nice if I could trust management to get off their asses and take care of a problem employee.

The more I think about it, the less I am liking my situation here. No one in this company has gotten a raise for 2 years. I have been here 6 months and I've never receieved an employee review. Much as I want to find some longevity in a job... at the same time... it feels a bit hopeless staying here, since I'm pretty much stuck in a limbo.

I'm going to wait and see what happens, and perhaps keep an eye on job listings on the side. Anything I took would have to have the same pay or better, and that'll make pickings a bit more slim.

Besides that... I don't want to quit in a huff. Doing things while angry almost always leads to regrets...


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