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Tonihgt I meet fennec parents, and to say that I'm nervous is a vast understatement. The only way I've made it this far is by forcing myself to forget that there will be two strangers in my home tonight who will be scrutinizing every move I make.

From everything everyone has said about them, I know I have nothing to worry about - they sound like really great people. However... there's the 'So you're the one that's sleeping with my little boy?' factor there.

Last night was a bit of a wash... we logged into EverQuest with arkie, and proceded to die multiple times. I think it would have been more fun/easier if we all had characters in the same place, but the race Arkie and myself chose to play doesn't have the class that Bren wanted. So poop.

We ended up logging out after an hour or so, then curled up on the couch to watch the Simpsons. We had done most of the cleaning, and a ton of laundry, so snuggled down into fresh sheets and promptly passed out.

I couldn't shake a vague feeling of insecurity... I kept thinking that Bren was upset or angry about something... I think it must have just been nerves.

Doublechecked the bed and my clothing this morning for spiders, then got up and got to work on the rest of the cleaning. Managed to get ALL the garbage taken out (sometimes the non-food items like pop cases end up sticking around a while) with Bren's help... we tossed the bag of aluminum cans into the back of my truck so we could drop it off at the recycling center later. The apartment isn't spotless, but it's neat and tidy, which is enough for me.

Somehow yesterday I wrenched my right shoulder... it's made everything I do highly uncomfortable, especially carrying anything remotely heavy, and at some point today, I sliced a big chunk out of my left index finger, and as I was walking down the stairs this morning, my bad knee went out on me. Almost had to sit and slide on my butt the rest of the way down. Getting into the truck was agony.

I don't know why the sudden rash of health issues.. unless I'm just being more careless than usual and not being aware of it. Knee feels better (for now), but haven't put it to any real stress. We'll see what it feels like when I get back into the truck. :p Bleh. Don't wanna be at work.

Due to the restriction on reading books at work, I'm surfing the net looking for things to keep me occupied. Boredom is dangerous.

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