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Last night about 4:30 am, I was awakened by a sharp pain in my knee. I thought it was residue from a dream... I've had unsettling dreams lately due to the grisly murder mysteries I've been reading, and we watched an extremely graphic war movie the other night. I remember being highly unsettled and jumpy... I'm never pleased to be awakened from deep sleep, and whimpered against Roho's chest. After my bladder drove me to use the restroom, I came back to find him closely examining the sheets to see if anything could have caused me to awaken. nothing found, we turned the lights back out, he curled up around me protectively, and I fell back asleep.

This morning I felt rather unwilling to get out of bed, finally prodded from my nest by the cat's constant meowing. When I walked into the living room, we talked about the nocturnal episode, and Bren brought up the possibility that I had been bitten by something. Bitten...? This brings to mind all sorts of horrible thoughts as my imagination goes to overdrive, and when we look at the place the pain was, sure enough, two tiny little holes in my skin that had evidently bled during the night.

We figured that it was a wolf spider that bit me, since Bren mentioned if it had been a Brown Recluse, I wouldn't have felt it, and the marks were too large to be the work of a Black Widow. I bow to his superior knowledge on that regard. ;) He mentioned that wolf spiders (or whatever spider it was) are known for a painful bite, and well, I can definately verify that it hurt. It's still tender and a little sore to the touch, but no apparant swelling or discoloration of the skin, indicating a non-toxic bite. (If something bad was gonna happen, I think it woulda happened by now)

So that's all that's exciting in my life right now. ;)

Work is very bleh. I've discovered that my employer will let us work extra hours to make up for missed work. This is important because it means I don't have to take vacation days for the time I want off... I'll just work 4 10 hour days that week to make up for it, and take the day off unpaid. I was planning on taking August 12th off work, since Roho will be returning from his reunion, and I wanted to be able to pick him up from the airport. this way I can take it off without a pay cut. I'll probably do this also for MFF, saving my vacation days for the trip east in December. I'll unfortunately only have 4, since I used a day for the 5th of July, but... if I have to take a few unpaid days for my vacation, so be it. I think our offices shut down for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, then again for the First, so I'll have some holidays in there to make time off less of a blow.

I've been giving my finances a lot of thought. The rest of the year initially doesn't look very good, but it seems I have an extra paycheck both this month, and again in October. After I have some other obligations taken care of, I'm going to see about some computer upgrades. My poor system needs a new power supply, motherboard, and processor. It also needs a new sound card, but I can pick that up fairly inexpensively, and will probably do that this weekend. The others will have to wait, especially since I'll have to buy Ram for the new motherboard, since what I have now will be worthless. I did some pricing, and I can get a 512 meg stick of DDR Ram for about $135... not too shabby. Probably cheaper if I go with refurbished. Soo.. we'll see what happens after the move, and see what the new rent and such looks like.

I'm almost tempted to talk to Roho about not bothering with cable at the new place, but... there might be other options that would be more attractive. I'll have to poke around and see. I don't care for paying $60 for cable services when we really watch two or three channels on a regular basis, one of them being a local channel. :p

Mmm. And I think that's all for now, I am going to go browse computer component websites and see what I can see.

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