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Just a few quick thoughts.

1) I am horribly behind on my correspondence. Must fix this in the morning.

2) The doctor was quite professional. I'll spare the gory details and only say that he's been quite thorough in making sure that Depo is the cause of my problem. I wholeheartedly approve of an approach that doesn't sit back and say 'let's do expensive blood tests repeatedly!'. I have to schedule an ultrasound in the morning, and my insurance company will have a hernia, but.. oh well.

I did opt to go with another depo shot, since it was explained to me that I'm going to bleed no matter what. Might as well get my bod used to the drug so that hopefully this garbage will stop.

3) Blackhawk Down is... an amazingly good and horribly disturbing film. I had a few nitpicks, but I honestly don't know how they could have changed the problems I saw. (Mostly that dialog was difficult to understand due to shouting and gunfire, and all the actors looked alike when they were all bloody. It was impossible to tell who was who)

It was an extremely gory film, I don't think I've ever seen anything quite that... explicit.... with the blood and dismembered parts. All the injuries were lovingly rendered, and in truth, some scenes made me more than a little queasy. And I'm not bothered by the sight of blood.

I loved the movie.... but I never ever want to see it again.

Now I'm going to bed.. and will try not to dream of machine guns invading my house.

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