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Yet another update from the oh-so-exciting workplace.

Everyone's here today, which means of course, that the place is dead. It's only when people are out that things get busy, so I'm looking for things to keep myself occupied. Judy dumped 4 mystery/suspense novels on my desk and said they were for me, which... quite frankly, flabbergasted me. They're all Patricia Cornwell novels... an author I've never heard of, but they look good in a trashy, bloody sort of way, and hey! Books I haven't read umpteen times are always good. I probably will trade them in to the second hand bookstore, but that's okay.

RB did show up for work today, surprise surprise, and we have her monitoring the paged queue. This is something she's never done before, and she kind of brushed off my instructions, so.. yah. I don't think she knows what she's doing. I don't hear her making any phone calls over there, either, even after I specifically told her that when there was a certain amount in the queue, she'd have to start calling them out. The woman will not listen to instructions, I swear.

VC was a bit on the warpath this morning again... I'm afraid I was a bit rude and short with her. She tried to come prattle at me about something she told me yesterday. I told her that she had made herself quite clear yesterday, and that I understood the procedure. She backed off a bit, a little nonplussed, then prattled on until I turned my back to her and started examining my fingernails.

After that, I was trying to show RB how to manage the paged queue, and she walked up and decided it was a good time to teach her the new procedure she had prattled on about at me earlier. RB was here a good 20 minutes before I walked over to her desk. Why VC couldn't have shown her THEN, I don't know. ANYWAY. I told VC that she was more than welcome to teach RB... but she declined, making little comments about I was so much more experienced at it. Bullshit. Anyway. I backed off until she was done, then when she was just chattering, I mentioned that there were 8 calls in the queue, and was she quite finished? She looked a little miffed, but walked off.

I am really looking forward to the weekend. Saturday's plans include a trip to the Renfaire... which reminds me, I should probably pick up a bottle of sunscreen in case no one else brings any. I'm going to take a bit more spending money than I took to summerfest, but I'm most definately leaving the credit card at home. I know I could get into waaaay too much trouble with spending. ;) My coworker Rob and his fiancee are thinking about joining us, which would be nice. Rob says his fiancee is rather shy about crowds of people she doesn't know. Something I can wholeheartedly sympathize with. My first meeting of the Illinois Pack, small as it is, was rather overwhelming.

The majority that will be going in our little crowd are all people that I've met before; they don't bite, and they're all really friendly. So that should be fun.

I went ahead and did my finances again for the next couple of months, there's a couple of major expenses that I'd like to take care of this month, and wanted to be sure that spending that money wouldn't cause a major shortage later on down the line. I really need to get my truck fixed... the passenger's side door is starting to stick a little, and I'm afraid that it's going to break too, leaving me with no way of getting into the vehicle without breaking a window. When I take it in, going to have them check both doors, since it'll be covered under the warranty. I'm not actually going to be able to take it in this weekend as I had originally planned.. there's just not enough money for that and spending money for the weekend. Sooo.. what I'll probably do is wait another week, get the warranty validated next week, and toss it in the shop on saturday. I'm also going to take Cailet in to the vet to get her rabies shots and have her declawed. I want to give her plenty of time to heal and recover before we move.

Speaking of the move.... since we hadn't heard anything, and it's only 2.5 months away, Bren went ahead and called the new complex. Turns out they can't guarentee us the floorplan we wanted, but if it comes down to it, they'll do their best to get us another ground floor 2bdrm 1 bath. If they have to give us the 2nd floor model, I think we're going to see if we can get it at the 1st floor rate, until one opens up, then move again. I don't know how well that'll work, but.. it's worth a try. After all, we put our deposits in several months in advance... for that much advance notice.... I kind of expect good service here.

Well, I've been checking up on RB... she doesn't seem to be doing too badly. She's slow, and acts like she can't use a computer, but.. she's doing okay. Okay, I take that back. Goddamn can't this woman do ANYTHING?

I hate training. I HATE TRAINING.

I tell her to staff out of the phones. What does she do? Take phone calls. I tell her to CALL after she has a certain amount in the queue. She ignores me. If she keeps up, I'm fucking going to Judy. I am not gonna babysit this goddamned bitch all day. I might as well do the work myself.


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