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An update from work, since it seems to be fairly dead, and I'm bored out of my skull.

Yesterday was... rather miserable. It seemed like every time I turned around, someone needed my attention on something. The phone rang off the hook, and just.. it was utter chaos. I didn't get to talk to Brendan as much as I usually do, which had me in quite a foul mood; since his letters are the bright spots in my day.

(Yes, I know. I'm working on keeping my dependency on him at a healthy level. Hush.)

Soooo.. by the time he got home, I was a bit frazzled. Talking to him, however, was as usual, soothing and helped immensely. The remainder of the workday passed uneventfully and rather quickly, and I toddled home at my usual time.

After getting home, warmed up some leftovers and ate... then curled up on the couch with Bren to watch Robin Williams doing a standup routine. We caught.. probably an hour and a half of it, and it was... hilarious. Just what the doctor ordered.

Curled up and zonked out together around 11-11:30. We had pondered staying up to watch Rocky Horror, but... I didn't want to start the movie at 11pm.. I have a hard enough time getting out of bed in the mornings after a full night's sleep. ;)

A friend just provided me with the TIPS website. Um.. am I the only person highly disturbed by this? Besides my mate, I mean?

Anyway... today has been, as previously mentioned, hideously boring. I need to remember to make copies of my insurance cards to mail out to prove I have them, and um... something else that I seem to have forgotten.

Since I'm half asleep and it's time for lunch, gonna close.....

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